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LEVITTOWN, PA, UNITED STATES, June 24, 2019 / — With summer now here, its more important than ever to schedule an HVAC check up with HTR Mechanical. We are a local Bucks County HVAC company specializing in air conditioning service throughout Levittown, PA and Montgomery County. Poor air flow from a clogged filter, or not enough freon can make or break your air conditioner from running at optimal efficiency. If you don't have these things checked and kept in top shape, you run the risk of damaging your HVAC unit, which could lead to needing a whole new unit, which is a very costly expense. Air conditioning repair in Levittown, PA is more and more popular as every homeowner now has an air conditioner, whether a simple window unit or a whole house HVAC system.

In addition to quality air conditioning service, we also install and service air scrubbers in Bucks County. With an air scrubber, your HVAC system will provide the cleanest air to your home or office. A scrubber cleans the reclaimed air passing through your A Coil before coming back out through your supply ducts, allowing you to breath better and live a longer, healthier life. Installing this helps remove pollen so any allergic customers can also breath a lot better in the comfort of their homes.

Don't waste time waiting on someone miles and miles away to show up to your home after the seasons over, when you can call up HTR Mechanical, located nearby in Levittown, PA to service your HVAC system today.

With air conditioning repairs and regular air conditioning maintenance checks from HTR Mechanical, a great air conditioning system can last over 20 years if it is taken care of properly. Are you noticing poor airflow, weird sounds or smells, or a lack of cool air? These are all issues that you want to address immediately, as well as any damage to the unit. Getting to the root of the problem immediately will help to avoid other, more serious issues. HTR Mechanical is close enough to your home to send a specialist to service your unit as needed, to help you address any potential problems leading to your air conditioning system to be repaired or replaced. They want you to have complete peace of mind that your air conditioning system will continue to work, despite even the hottest part of the summer.

We serve customers throughout the residential market and commercially to local business surrounding our service area. For those colder winter months, check out our humidifiers we supply for customers with dry heat systems looking to improve the overall feel of their heat system.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience at 267-241-3769 or visit us on the web at We provide free estimates to customers located in either Bucks County or the Montgomery County area. Unlike other HVAC companies, we are licensed and insured to give our customers peace of mind that not only will the job get done right the first time, but they truly have nothing to worry about.

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