Klamath River Dams: KRRC says 'Drain 45-Billion Gallons of Fresh Water From Lakes During Extreme Drought and Wildfires'

Copco (seen in photo) and Iron Gate Lakes hold 45-billion gallons of fresh water that is desperately needed for domestic, agricultural and wildfire suppression uses under the Klamath River Basin Compact Act

Copco (seen in photo) and Iron Gate Lakes are full, and hold 45-billion gallons of fresh water that is desperately needed for domestic, agricultural and wildfire suppression uses under the Klamath River Basin Compact Act. Photo (July 20, 2021): William E. Simpson II

A drawing from 1913 by famous engineer/dam builder J.C. Boyle that shows the naturally-formed 31-foot-tall lava dam holding back the Klamath River creating 'Clammittee Lake', which was present when construction on Copco 1 dam began. Migratory fish didn't

Drawing by engineer/dam builder J.C. Boyle that shows the naturally-formed 31-foot-tall lava dam holding back the Klamath River creating ‘Clammittee Lake’, which was present when construction on Copco 1 dam began in 1911, Nature barred fish migration past this lava dam

A CAL-FIRE water tanker drafting water from Iron Gate Lake to fight wildfire

‘Beneficial Use’: CAL-FIRE drafted over one-million gallons of water from Iron Gate Lake to battle the 38,000 acre Klamathon Wildfire that was stopped before it incinerated the Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument and Ashland OR: Photo by; William E. Simpso

Firefighting helicopter draws water from Iron Gate Lake on the Klamath River to fight the Klamathon Wildfire

Firefighters drew over 1-million gallons of water from Iron Gate Lake (one of the lakes behind the Klamath River dams) to fight the 38,000-acre Klamathon Fire that threatened Ashland Oregon and the Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument – Photo: William E. Si

A Golden Eagle is seen fishing on Copco Lake. Both Bald and Golden Eagles, being large raptors require areas of open-water to catch the fish they eat. Photo: M. Gough

A Golden Eagle is seen fishing on Copco Lake. Both Bald and Golden Eagles, being large raptors require areas of open-water to catch the fish they eat. Photo: M. Gough

In the midst of Climate Change, Klamath River Renewal Corporation (KRRC) proposal will drain 45-billion gallons of fresh water from Copco and Iron Gate Lakes

In the midst of extreme drought and catastrophic wildfires, Klamath River Renewal Corporation ('KRRC') is proposing what is tantamount to draining our canteens before we cross a massive desert”

— William E. Simpson II – Naturalist

YREKA, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, July 30, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — It's no secret that the west coast of America is gripped by extreme drought that is forecast to continue into the foreseeable future.

According to experts, Climate Change is driving the weather patterns that are now depriving the western U.S. of normal annual precipitation, as well as the snow-pack that is critical for water storage into spring and summer.

The results of Climate Change are drier, hotter and longer summers. And with that comes the extreme drought and catastrophic wildfires.

The Dumbest Idea Ever?

A shell corporation going by the name of the 'Klamath River Renewal Corporation' (KRRC) wants to remove the dams on the Klamath River that hold 45-billion gallons of fresh water.

Copco and Iron Gate lakes are two large lakes that hold 45-Billion gallons of water. More here: https://www.einnews.com/pr_news/544283346/klamath-dams-removal-in-the-midst-of-water-crisis-antithesis-of-water-and-wildlife-conservation

These two lakes are formed by two of the 4-dams on the Klamath River.

Draining the 45-Billion gallons of water from Copco and Iron Gate Lakes and destroying structurally sound water-storage dams during a water crises that is combined with catastrophic wildfires is just insane.

Western states, especially California and Oregon, are facing evolving extreme drought resulting from Climate Change, that according to some climate models may last for a decade or more.

California desperately needs more dams, not less.

The insane level of irony in KRRC's proposal to drain the 45-billion gallons of fresh water from Iron Gate and Copco Lakes, and also destroy their dams, which are structurally sound, that today would cost about $1-billion dollars just to replace them, is that they are also planning to charge Californians and Oregonians close to a $1-Billion dollars to destroy the Klamath River dams and drain that precious water, destroying that water storage and management system!

And instead of burning fossil fuels to make the replacement energy for about 80,000 homes and businesses if the dams are removed, by keeping them, electrical consumers can take comfort in knowing the energy they are using is clean hydro-electric power.

No water to drink, shower or flush toilets!

In Southern Oregon and Northern California, domestic and municipal wells have gone dry, or will soon be dry.

Thousands of people in several counties in Northern California and Southern Oregon are suffering severe water shortages. In the Klamath Basin, residents are already having to bucket borrowed water just to have some drinking water and flush toilets, as over 100 domestic wells have gone dry, with hundreds more at risk of going dry..

And according to some long-range forecasting models, we are in a long period of extreme drought that could last for a decade or more!

In the midst extreme drought and catastrophic wildfires incinerating the west, the Klamath River Renewal Corporation ('KRRC'), a non-profit shell corporation is proposing what is tantamount to draining our canteens before we cross a massive desert.

Draining 45-Billion gallons of stored fresh water during an extreme drought has to be the dumbest idea ever!

Why would anyone even suggest such a crazy concept?

Well, Mr. Glen Spain, a member of KRRC's board of directors may have said it best, when he said it's about money, not salmon!

Read more here: https://www.einnews.com/pr_news/546897224/klamath-river-dams-krrc-s-proposed-dam-removal-project-minority-consensus-for-environmental-and-ecological-disaster

The False Premise

The key premise that has been served-up to the public and legislators is that removing the dams supposedly will restore a mythical salmon migration. And even if that was a good trade-off and exchange for people going without water to drink, bath and flush toilets, and having ample water to fight catastrophic wildfires, facts prove their 'premise' for dam removal is a fake!

A 1913 drawing by the famous engineer/dam builder J.C. Boyle shows that a naturally-formed 31-foot-tall lava dam was holding back the Klamath River creating 'Clammittee Lake', and was present when construction on Copco 1 dam began!

In fact, according to engineering drawings, the 132-foot-tall Copco 1 dam was built about two-tenths (2/10) of a mile downstream from the natural 31-foot-tall lava dam and Clammittee Lake. (SEE IMAGE of J.C. Boyle's drawing)

And when the Klamath River filled-in behind the larger man-made dam, the smaller dam and its natural lake were covered under the waters of the new larger lake, which is very similar in size to an even older lake that was formed in the same location by an ancient 130-foot-tall lava dam that stood for millennia, before finally eroding. When that ancient 130-foot-tall dam eroded, it allowed Clammittee Lake to then settle behind the remaining 31-foot-tall natural lava dam holding back the Klamath River, and barring upstream fish migration.

Nature, not man, had ordained that fish could not migrate past this point of multiple large lava dams for millennia!

Hard geologic and engineering evidence proves there was no fish migration past Ward Canyon the series of natural lava dams that blocked fish migration for many millennia.

Extreme Drought and Water Crises Amidst Catastrophic Wildfires

Medford is running out of water as are many surrounding towns. Hornbrook, CA is 'out of water'!

In Klamath Falls, hundreds of domestic wells are already dry, and more are expected to fail in the coming days and weeks.

Bend has its tourists on water rations. Ashland Oregon and Yreka, CA are next, as are other towns in Oregon and CA!

Firefighters are now having trouble fighting catastrophic wildfires due to limited water!

Showing up at a wildfire with a 'dry hose' is a recipe for more towns and cites getting burned to the dirt!

Amazingly, with all that's going-on, there are some people who think draining lakes is a 'good idea'… yes, it's true, there are people who are that poorly informed.

It's primarily uncaring people who reside outside the region, and the misinformed locals, who want to drain Billions of gallons of water into the sea!

And that idiotic agenda is driven by misleading propaganda fed into the media by KRRC, a non-profit shell company originally formed in an office in New York City.

Considering these intolerable conditions, which are predicted to get worse in the coming years, must we also suffer KRRC's plan to charge Oregon and California taxpayers $1-Billion to remove the Klamath dams and drain 45-billion gallons of precious fresh water from Copco and Iron Gate Lakes into the sea?

And shockingly, at the same time as promoting the removal of the Klamath River dams, California governor Gavin Newsom, is tapping the wallets of Californian taxpayers $5.1-Billion for a water bill to, now get this, 'build dams' !

Does the movie 'Idiocracy' come to anyone's mind? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sP2tUW0HDHA

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CAL-FIRE Fresno Battalion Chief Mike Alforque discusses the critical importance that water from Iron Gate Lake played in stopping the deadly Klamathon Fire

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Johnstone Supply Leads TRC’s Banish Mercury Off the Planet Contest

Johnstone Supply

R. E. Michel Co.

Auer Steel & Heating Supply

Despite emerging from the pandemic, 187 HARDI wholesalers have remained active and participated in our latest contest.”

— Danielle Myers

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, July 29, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Johnstone Supply leads Thermostat Recycling Corp.’s Banish Mercury Off the Planet (BMOP) contest after two months of the competition. In second place is R.E. Michel Co., followed by Auer Steel & Heating Supply.

The continued support and participation by HARDI wholesalers demonstrate their commitment to a greener environment,” said Danielle Myers, operations and compliance manager, TRC. “Despite the extra burden HARDI members faced during the pandemic, many continued their high standards in recycling mercury-containing thermostats. We applaud their efforts.”

TRC reports 81.2 pounds of mercury, including more than 8,400 mercury-containing thermostats, have been recycled from 187 wholesalers through June in the BMOP contest, which began May 1 and ends Oct. 30.

The contest recognizes members of Heating Air-Conditioning Refrigeration Distributors International (HARDI) that collect the most mercury-containing thermostats. TRC publicly acknowledges the top three recyclers in various categories during HARDI’s annual conference. This year, the conference is in Palm Desert, California, from Dec. 4 to 7.

HARDI is the largest and most successful trade association representing the HVACR distributors in the United States.

“Despite emerging from the pandemic, 187 HARDI wholesalers have remained active and participated in our latest contest,” said Myers. “It shows the strength of our partnership and should serve as a reminder that there is still time for wholesalers to contribute because the contest doesn’t end until Oct. 30.”


About Thermostat Recycling Corporation
Thermostat Recycling Corporation, founded in 1998, is an industry-funded nonprofit corporation supported by 30 manufacturers that historically branded and sold mercury thermostats in the United States. TRC maintains a network of more than 3,600 collection sites nationwide and has recovered more than 2.7 million thermostats containing 12 tons of mercury since its inception. TRC assumes all costs to transport and properly dispose of mercury switch thermostats recovered from service. Learn more about TRC at thermostat-recycle.org.

Tomislav Peric
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Sókn Engineering Introduces Mubashir Kazi as an Advisory Board Member

WHITEFISH, MONTANA, UNITED STATES, July 29, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Sókn Engineering today announced that Mubashir "Bash" Kazi has become the latest addition to its Advisory Board.

"We are pleased to formally welcome Bash to our advisory board," said CEO & President, Cassie Monaco. "With Bash's vast and deep knowledge of the technology sector, finance, and bringing programs and products to market across multiple industries, Sókn will greatly benefit from his expertise and strong global leadership perspective."

Mr. Kazi is the founder & CEO of KIG, a security and defense sector investment and management firm that has executed and delivered on programs worth several billion dollars with US government agencies since 2002. He has over 30 years of information technology, security, project management and engineering experience at Fortune 500 companies including 3M and Exxon. Mr. Kazi holds engineering and technology management degrees from McGill University, Canada and Stanford University. Over the past 4 years, Bash has invested, developed and deployed in unique hyper realistic simulation platforms and cyber ranges at internationally recognized institutions such as the University of Texas, San Antonio and the U.S. Naval Post-Graduate School, both of which are Centers of Academic Excellence for cyber security, to provide a unique cyber security training experience and curriculum that fills the urgent global resource and talent shortage in IT and OT security. In his spare time, Mr. Kazi is an avid polo and squash player.

"We are honored to have Bash as part of our Advisory Board and deeply appreciate his commitment to further the vision of Sókn Engineering. We look forward to working with him to deepen the mission and expand the impact of women in Science Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, as we continue to foster and help guide the next generation of women inventors and executives in the S.T.E.M. fields,” said Cassie Monaco

About Sókn Engineering

Sókn Engineering is a woman-owned S.T.E.M. Company that seeks out and develops technology that have commercial viability with a particular focus on promoting women in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering , and Mathematics. Sókn's first product in its portfolio, the HyperFund EngineTM, are highly complex proprietary predictive mathematical algorithms for the FinTech industry. Sókn’s HyperFund EngineTM offers the industry an end-to-end solution applied to commercial applications, the individual consumer, or any organization looking to predict price movements accurately and consistently in the commodities market.

Find out more about Sókn Engineering at www.SoknEngineering.com

Cassie Monaco
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Clean Air Biodiesel Oil Reclamation and Recycling Program

Clean Air Oil Reclamation and Recycling Program

Clean Air Biodiesel's Headquarters

Clean Air Biodiesel’s Headquarters

Clean Air Biodiesel Group Tanker # 1

Clean Air Biodiesel Group Tanker # 1

The State of Ohio will soon be cleaner, and greener thanks to a new waste oil reclamation, and recycling program being launched in the State’s Capitol.

Clean Air Biodiesel is recycling waste cooking oil into a clean-burning fuel that powers the big engines that move our people, and goods, as well as providing services to our community.”

— Bruce Burke, Director of Marketing

COLUMBUS, OHIO, USA, July 29, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — The State of Ohio will soon be cleaner, and greener thanks to a new waste oil reclamation, and recycling program being launched in the State’s Capitol.

Clean Air Biodiesel (CAB) is the company rolling out this powerful new initiative for the City of Columbus and ramping their fleet up to provide service to surrounding areas.

The program is being setup using guidelines provided by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Federal EPA program guidelines may be found at https://bit.ly/3ynlv2A

Used and waste cooking oils will be reclaimed by the Clean Air company, then recycled and transformed into a plant-based fuel known as Biodiesel.

An organic chemistry process, known as Transesterification, is used to convert the discarded, used oil into a clean burning, non-polluting diesel fuel.

“We’re helping clean up the city in two ways,” explains Bruce Burke, Director of Marketing for CAB.

“First we are collecting used cooking oils that could end up in the city’s sewer system, and landfills”. He added “More importantly, we are turning that waste oil into a clean-burning fuel that power the big engines that move our people, and goods, as well as providing services to our community.”

Clean Air Biodiesel is acquiring a fleet of vehicles, with Tanker #1 starting service in August. The company is launching an outreach program to restaurants, and surrounding cities, as well as, housing, and apartment communities for the collection of used oil.

People in the community will be able to drop off their used cooking oil, with clean, well-lit reclamation bins being erected outside the new headquarters at 31 Merritt Street. Interested parties can sign up on the company’s website for waste oil pickup service. The signup form is available at http://clean-air-biodiesel.com/oil

Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon, which can be used to change the world.” Clean Air Biodiesel wants to educate concerned citizens, the local community, and area government officials about the potential power that can be harnessed by reclaiming, and recycling this otherwise harmful, and useless waste oil.

Using their proprietary process, all collected waste oil will be purified, processed, and polished by Clean Air into B100 certified biodiesel, which meets the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) D-6751 production specification. Demand for this green fuel product in North America is expected to increase from 1 billion gallons to 2.4 billion gallons annually by 2025.


Clean Air Biodiesel (CAB) is Ohio's newest Biodiesel Producer. The company's new 30,000 square foot headquarters is ramping up production to manufacturer up to 20 million gallons annually. In addition to biofuel production, Clean Air is the area's premier waste oil reclamation and recycling company.

Based in Columbus, we are helping to clean up the state of Ohio. We transform this waste oil to produce biofuels to help power and heat Ohio businesses, and homes. Using an organic chemistry process called transesterification, we turn waste vegetable oil into a greener fuel called Biodiesel.

Help us clean up Ohio! Contact us today to learn more about our oil reclamation project for the city of Columbus and the state of Ohio. Waste cooking oil is the by-product of running a popular eatery. However, most restaurateurs are busy with their customers and don't have time to worry about this aspect of their business.

But it does have eviromental impact, and thats where we come in. Clean Air Biodiesel's end-to-end managed oil collection and recycling program simplifies the process and significantly contributes to a clean, greener tomorrow. Our uniformed, professionally trained, and licensed operators utilize the best tools, and techniques to cleanly and effectively collect your your used cooking oil.

The Federal Government's Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) guidelines and regulations are closely followed to assure our customers of a positive experience. With your help we all can look forward to a cleaner, and greener state. Clean Air Biodiesel is a gold level member of the Clean Fuels Ohio initiative.


Media Contact: Bruce Burke | +1 (727) 612-5775 | bruceburke@clean-air-biodiesel.com

Bruce Burke
Clean Air Biodiesel Group
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What is Biodiesel? How waste cooking oil is converted into green, clean-burning biodiesel fuel.

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Swift Fuels Expands UNLEADED Avgas Distribution Across California and Celebrates 6th Anniversary Selling UL94 Nationwide

Swift Fuels, the global leader in the development of unleaded aviation gasoline.

Global leader expands unleaded avgas distribution across California.
Initial impact: Airfields in San Mateo, Santa Clara, Los Angeles, and San Diego counties

OSH KOSH, WISCONSIN, US, July 29, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Swift Fuels, LLC, the global leader in the development and commercialization of unleaded aviation gasoline, announced the expansion of its high-performance UL94 Unleaded Avgas product into the US Pacific coast corridor. This action will provide commercially viable fuel opportunities for dozens of airfields across California to access UL94 Unleaded Avgas. The announcement came during this week’s EAA AirVenture – Oshkosh 2021 Airshow during which Swift Fuels was celebrating the 6th anniversary of it providing UL94 Unleaded Avgas to piston aircraft pilots nationwide.

For some county regulators concerned for their community’s health, this announcement could not have come soon enough, as the National Academies of Science recently released its latest study that indicates: “Small gasoline-powered aircraft are the single largest emitter of lead in the United States, as other major emission sources such as automobile gasoline have been previously addressed. A highly toxic substance that can result in an array of negative health effects in humans, lead, is added to aviation gasoline to meet the performance and safety requirements of a sizable portion of the country’s gasoline-powered aircraft. When emitted from aircraft exhaust, lead can be inhaled by people living near and working at airports.”

Dan DeMeo, CEO of Rabbit Aviation Services in San Mateo county, had this to say about the critical need for unleaded avgas, “General aviation needs a piston fuel alternative that ensures a future that does not include toxic lead. Working with our airport management and elected county supervisors, we drafted the first agreement to supply a lead-free avgas alternative in the state of California, and it’s imperative that others support this critical effort. Swift Fuels’ UL94 Unleaded Avgas solves the issues brought by tetraethyllead and ethylene dibromide by eliminating toxicity and engine corrosion caused by lead, eliminating lead-fouled sparkplugs, and at least doubling the oil change intervals vs. those required for 100LL. Our pilots and our community see a large positive benefit to using UL94.”

Statewide consideration in California continues to grow among municipal airports. Rayvon Williams, Director, Watsonville Municipal Airport, commented, "We've conducted multiple surveys of our Watsonville based owners, operators and SASOs, along with pilots at surrounding airports, and there is demand for UL94 Unleaded Avgas in our area across a wide range of aircraft. Taking a leadership position by offering Swift Fuels' UL94 to our tenants and itinerant visitors will be a 'win-win' on multiple fronts; both for the improved aircraft operation and the environment."

Chris D’Acosta, CEO of Swift Fuels also commented, “Swift Fuels’ UL94 is the only commercially-available unleaded avgas in the US. It’s sold nationwide, it’s commercially insured for aviation, and frankly – pilots who use it love it. Dan DeMeo has been a champion of this effort for the past five years, urging many local community leaders to join the nationwide movement toward unleaded avgas. Our multi-year initiative to educate the market on the dangers of lead and the benefits of unleaded avgas can only happen with the ongoing support of forward-thinking regulators, aircraft/engine OEMs, pilots, airports, municipalities, airport boards and supply chain folks. Industry leaders like Dan and those in the Santa Clara County area have begun taking action in recognition of the demand for cleaner fuel options for their customers and they continue to play an integral role in the transition. Swift Fuels has been collaborating with hundreds of pilots in counties across California for months to make this expansion plan come about. From a pilot’s perspective alone, they value the longer maintenance intervals, less wear-and-tear on engines, less corrosion, longer sparkplug life, etc. We are extremely proud to have our UL94 avgas available for piston aircraft to serve customers and communities across the California marketplace and play a role to eliminate lead toxicity,” said D’Acosta.

Communities across the US now know that piston aircraft are responsible for 70% of toxic lead emissions reported to the EPA. Over 130,000 aircraft are already FAA-authorized to use Swift Fuels’ UL94 Unleaded Avgas as a “drop-in ready” fuel, representing 66% of the US piston fleet. For more information about UL94 and the latest listing of airports with Swift Fuels UL94 available, please visit: www.swiftfuels.com

About Swift Fuels
Swift Fuels is a global research and development firm specializing in high performance aviation fuels and patented process technologies for refineries and midstream gas processing operations. Since 2012, our Avgas division has become a global leader in the advancement of high-performance unleaded aviation gasolines for piston aircraft. This includes the commercial deployment of a premium grade UL94 avgas – a 94+ motor-octane aviation gasoline that meets ASTM International fuel specification D7547 and is FAA-approved for use in 66% of the US piston fleet. Our Avgas team is also focused on efforts to finalize the FAA’s certification of our high-octane fuel called “100R” targeted for use in all piston airplanes currently FAA-approved to utilize 100LL. 100R is a clean-burning 100+ motor-octane unleaded fuel made from > 10% renewable oxygenates that is designed to replace 100LL on a global scale as a “drop-in ready” replacement (i.e. no added hardware). Swift Fuels looks forward to the day when toxic tetraethyllead in 100LL has been permanently removed from fueling piston-engine aircraft through the roll-out of our high-performance unleaded aviation gasolines. Swift Fuels also participates in the FAA’s CLEEN-II program to develop commercially sustainable turbine-engine fuel products. For more information about our industrial process research visit: www.swiftfuels.com. To learn about our Avgas programs, please visit https://SwiftFuelsAvgas.com/

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Logical Buildings CEO Jeff Hendler Elected to Green Button Alliance Board of Directors

Jeff Hendler, CEO, Logical Buildings

AI Innovator joins board of Green Button Alliance, the leading non-profit promoting the adoption of AMI utility smart meter applications standards

It is a great honor to be a board member of a group paving the way for standards-based digital energy data that simplifies the access to, and use of, clean energy technologies.”

— Jeff Hendler, CEO, Logical Buildings

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, July 29, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Jeff Hendler, CEO of Logical Buildings, an energy technology, behavior management, and smart building services innovator, has been elected to the 2021 Board of Directors of the Green Button Alliance (GBA). The GBA promotes the adoption of advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) utility smart meter application standards that enable easy digital access to, and secured sharing of, utility-customer energy-usage data. The ability to easily access and leverage these data is key to achieving the goals of global, federal, state, utility, and corporate ESG decarbonization and sustainability policies. Access to these data, paired with analytical tools to identify usage trends, is considered a powerful tool for residential, business, and commercial building energy managers to both use fewer natural resources and spend less on them.

Mr. Hendler joins a board of directors comprising pioneers in diverse green energy sectors, including senior executives from domestic and international utility companies; governmental agencies, including the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), U.S. Department of Commerce – National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST); the North American Energy Standards Board (NAESB); and technology innovators, among others.

“The Green Button Alliance’s board collaborates to unlock digital access to energy consumption data and maximize the benefits of AMI and grid modernization efforts,” said Syed Mir, Vice President Corporate Services & CIO, London Hydro and Chair of the GBA. “In New York, Logical Buildings’ successful GridRewards app is an outstanding example of how innovators can leverage the functionality enabled by Green Button Connect and put easy-to-use management solutions directly into the hands of energy consumers and make a real difference in decarbonization efforts. Jeff Hendler brings a wealth of first-hand expertise and is an invaluable addition to the GBA board.”

“It is a great honor to be a board member of a group paving the standards-based digital energy data access and secure data exchange that simplifies the access to, and use of, clean energy technologies for residential and commercial users,” said Mr. Hendler. “For nearly a decade, GBA has taken a lead in Green Button Connect My Data standards-development and education of stakeholders in the U.S. and beyond. The AMI utility smart meter standards are catalyzing the growing network of virtual power plants (VPP) that integrate solar, wind, battery storage, EV charging, and smart thermostat dispatchable resources that are creating a more resilient clean and decarbonized national grid.”

Logical Buildings is Con Edison’s first residential VPP provider in the greater New York Metro area, democratizing demand response participation by making the GridRewards™ program available to all energy consumers. Leveraging smart meter technology for commercial buildings through its SmartKit AI™ program and for consumers through the GridRewards™ app, Logical Buildings advises Con Edison AMI meter customers in real-time to take electricity reducing actions during high demand time periods. To date, more than three million smart meters have been installed by Con Edison, and an estimated five million smart meters are slated for installation in residential and commercial properties by 2022.

Added Mr. Hendler, “Many utilities across the country, including Con Edison, are now paying customers with AMI meters to use less energy during grid-constrained hours in an effort to avoid community outages.”

The Green Button effort was created with the support of the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), the National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST), the Smart Grid Interoperability Panel (SGIP), the Utility Communications Architecture International Users Group (UCAIug), and the White House. The Green Button initiative is an industry-led effort to respond to a White House call-to-action to provide electricity, water, and natural gas customers with easy access to their energy usage data in a consumer-friendly and app-friendly format to enable grid-responsive services that are the foundation to meeting decarbonization and ESG policy objectives.

# # #

About Logical Buildings
Logical Buildings is a smart building technology software developer, IoT and DER systems integrator, and smart building services provider. Integration of Logical Buildings’ products and services in large multifamily, commercial, industrial, and manufacturing properties are recognized for reducing operating expenses, generating revenue from existing mechanical equipment, and enabling wireless connectivity. Its Smartkit AI, Smart Building AI IoT platform and software analytics, and EPAX Energy Procurement Advisory and Execution software platforms are contracted to owners and operators of more than 200 million square feet nationwide. Logical Buildings introduced the consumer based GridRewards™ in a pilot program in summer 2020 and fully launched the app in late 2020. Logical Buildings (formerly "ETS – Energy Technology Savings") currently serves more than 60 million square feet of major multifamily and mixed-use properties in urban markets. GridRewards™ is currently available to more than 4 million households and businesses. www.logicalbuildings.com

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'Kill Zone' Established At Klamath River Dams Shoreline Ecosystem?

A 1911 drawing by famous engineer-dam builder J.C. Boyle clearly depicts that a natural 31-foot-tall dam holding back 'Clammittee Lake' was present at the time construction was begun on Copco 1 dam. This dam had barred fish migration for thousands of year

A 1911 drawing by famous engineer-dam builder J.C. Boyle clearly depicts that a natural 31-foot-tall dam holding back ‘Clammittee Lake’ was present at the time construction was begun on Copco 1 dam. This dam had barred fish migration for thousands of year

Trucks with 'RES' logo parked at Iron Gate Lake during a May 2021 defoliation project

Trucks with ‘RES’ logo parked at Iron Gate Lake during a May 2021 defoliation project

Native plants, gasses and assumably, some animals were decimated with weed-eaters by workers from the trucks bearing the 'RES' logo

Native plants, gasses and assumably, some animals were decimated with weed-eaters by workers from the trucks bearing the ‘RES’ logo

The ground was laid-bare by the workers from trucks bearing the 'RES' logo

The ground was laid-bare by the workers from trucks bearing the ‘RES’ logo

Western Pond Turtles are just one of many rare, threatened and endangered species living in, and around, Copco and Iron Gate Lakes. Baby turtles that require the shoreline for cover and some food, found neither after this reckless defoliation operation

Western Pond Turtles are just one of many rare, threatened and endangered species living-in and around, Copco and Iron Gate Lakes. Baby turtles require the shoreline for cover and some food; they found neither after this reckless defoliation operation

Defoliating native plants at Iron Gate Lake's shoreline ecosystem during the peak period of biological tempo subjected flora and fauna to unreasonable damage

The key premise of 'restoring salmon migration' argued for removing the Klamath River dams by fishing-zealots, is a falsehood and debunked by geology and engineering drawings by J.C. Boyle in 1911”

— William E. Simpson II – Naturalist

YREKA, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, July 29, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — One of several critical and compelling arguments for keeping the Klamath River Dams in place, and therefore the freshwater lakes (Copco Lake and Iron Gate Lake), involves protecting the critical habitats for the local threatened and endangered species at the lakes.

Is it possible that there are people who would intentionally impact the species of flora and fauna so as to reduce or eliminate fauna in an area prior to anticipated NEPA compliance via environmental impact report and environmental impact statement?

And if so, what method might be used to reduce species living in and around the freshwater shoreline ecosystem of a lake?

Before we can explore these questions, some background information is required.

Iron Gate and Copco lakes are formed behind two of the four Klamath River dams that some poorly informed people want to remove.

Together, Iron Gate and Copco lakes hold a reserve of 45-Billion gallons of freshwater.

And quite importantly, if these two lakes are drained, the habitats for hundreds of species will be lost, which will result in a major collapse of the web of life, the foundation of which comes from organisms in the lake (including plants and animals), at the water's interface with the land, and shoreline ecosystems.

The interface boundary at water's edge contains a diverse and robust micro-biome that is critical to numerous other lifeforms.

A little known fact is that a large natural lake called 'Clammittee Lake' existed at the current location of Copco Lake for thousands of years.

And over that time, rare and unique flora and fauna co-evolved in and around this natural freshwater lake.

Clammittee Lake as seen in 1911, was formed by a natural 31-foot-tall lava dam about 10,000 years ago, and was holding back the Klamath River in 1911 when the famous engineer and dam builder, J.C. Boyle arrived to build Copco 1 dam.

In fact, the geology of this area (Ward Canyon) shows that over a period of many millions of years, several different lava dams had blocked the Klamath River at one time or another.

One of these naturally-formed lava dams stood 130-feet-tall, holding back the Klamath River into a massive lake that was 1-mile wide and 5-miles long. Over thousands of years, that 130-foot-tall dam eroded, giving control of the river to a smaller, 31-foot-tall lava dam.

Geology and engineering diagrams drawn by J.C. Boyle in 1911, prove that this most recent 31-foot-tall lava dam was effectively holding the waters of the Klamath River into a pristine lake even as construction of Copco 1 dam began.

Nature, not man, had ordained that fish migrations did not pass this 31-foot-tall lava dams, as well as the older larger lava dams.

It's important to note that detailed scientific studies prove that salmon cannot jump higher than 12-feet. Therefore, any dam or barrier higher than about 12-feet-tall would be a significant barrier fish migration.

The Copco 1 dam project began in 1911 and was completed in 1918 under the oversight of the famous engineer and dam builder, J.C. Boyle.

And when the waters from the Klamath River filled-in behind this new 132-foot-tall man-made dam, Clammittee Lake and its smaller dam were covered with water. However, this modern dam was indeed of the same height as the 130-foot-tall prehistoric lava dam, as mentioned.

The important point here is that; millions of years ago, mother Nature built the first dams on the Klamath River, which stood blocking fish passage for time immemorial. Arguably, this barrier (the lava dams) allowed for the allopatric speciation of salmonoids, and the evolutionary rise of the Redband salmonoid, commonly called Redband trout.

The lakes behind the dams, especially Iron Gate Lake and Copco Lake provide habitat for numerous endangered and threatened species of flora and fauna, which arguably have not been properly or objectively assessed beyond out-dated assessments made by contractors hired by same people who benefit the most by dam removal. Such assessments are arguably biased and prejudiced.

The habitat used by the resident rare species of flora and fauna is integral to the shoreline ecosystems of the lakes behind the Klamath River Dams that are being threatened by dam removal.

The 'Kill Zone'

Using weed eaters, people from vehicles marked with the logo of the company called Resource Environmental Solutions, LLC ('RES') defoliated the flora, native and invasive, from large areas of the waterline of Iron Gate Lake.

It has been reported that RES is one of the companies working in cooperation with the shell company, Klamath River Renewal Corporation (KRRC), whose sole mission is to remove the dams, which suggests a predetermined outcome, even before the required NEPA compliance. That is truly concerning!

This defoliation and destruction of habitat began in May of 2021 and continued through June. The defoliation went from the waterline of the lake, back 20 yards onto the lake shore, or more in some areas (See Images).

The flora that was removed has co-evolved fauna, that depend upon these grasses and plants, which were taken down to the dirt.

The question arises; if these people were in fact from RES, did they have a permit, based upon NEPA, to conduct the disturbance of the landscape and arguably the intentional taking of flora and some fauna?

What many people may not realize is the Klamath River Renewal Corporation (KRRC) is paying close attention to the huge flaws in their plan to remove the Klamath River Dams.

More info here: https://www.einpresswire.com/article/546308904/klamath-river-dams-removal-project-defies-logic-and-common-sense-major-flaws-and-misrepresentations-in-plan-revealed

And one of the most glaring flaws in the KRRC plan to remove the Klamath River Dams is the fact that; the existing numerous threatened and endangered species of flora and fauna that require the lakes and shoreline ecosystem will be wiped-out if these lakes are drained to remove the dams.

By removing the shoreline cover native plants and grasses down to the dirt from the water's edge out 20-yards, as it seems that RES has recently done, they have removed the cover that rare species (amphibians, reptiles, birds, small mammals, etc.) require for protection from the sun and predators when they haul-out of the water, or when small terrestrial animals go to the shoreline for a drink.

Without the natural vegetative cover that nature timely provides during springtime, rare species of animals that require the vegetative cover as security for their offspring as well as sources of food, are deprived of that key habitat, and are made exceptionally and unnaturally vulnerable to the host of species of birds and raptors that patrol the lakes and shorelines in search of prey.

Arguably, this defoliation project has led to unnatural depredation of sensitive animal species, some of which are threatened and endangered.

This open area, or what might be called a 'kill zone', has rendering the resident rare and endangered species to rapid and unnatural depredation by predators. And when the birds (and raptors) haul away these rare creatures that have been made vulnerable, there is no evidence left.

The result of creating what can be called a 'kill zone' will inhibit any honest species assessment or verification of the existing threatened and endangered species going forward.

A question arises: Was this by design?

In other words; if the populations of the already rare species of animals suddenly collapse as a result of this defoliation project, which was reckless at the very least, any future objective effort to catalogue and document the presence of existing rare species of fauna during NEPA compliance will be severely hindered, since many of the few remaining rare animals will have been virtually erased for the ecosystem.

When the worker from the truck marked with the 'RES' logo was interviewed, he claimed it was being done to prevent invasive species weeds from being introduced into the lake once it is drained. However, that reply made no sense in light of the millions of seeds from the plants just beyond the 20-yard cut along the shore, and the other 5,000 acres just outside this so called weed boundary?

When the worker was further queried, who via his lexicon surely had some science training, "wasn't this defoliation exposing the threatened and endangered species to abnormal excessive depredation"? The worker replied; "that's a fair assessment".

Navigable waterways in the United States, including the Klamath River and the water and shorelines behind the dams are owned by the public and subject to all of the regulations that require compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act ('NEPA').

Isn't an Environmental Assessment ('EA') and an Environmental Impact Study ('EIS') required for this particular defoliation project, before such a radical disturbance of the habitat required by threatened and endangered species?

What about the Endangered Species Act?

A species is considered endangered if it is in danger of extinction throughout all or a significant portion of its range.

A species is considered threatened if it is likely to become an endangered species within the foreseeable future.

Through federal action and by encouraging the establishment of state programs, the 1973 Endangered Species Act provided for the conservation of ecosystems upon which threatened and endangered species of fish, wildlife, and plants depend.

The Act:

*authorizes the determination and listing of species as endangered and threatened;

*prohibits unauthorized taking, possession, sale, and transport of endangered species;

*provides authority to acquire land for the conservation of listed species, using land and water conservation funds;

*authorizes establishment of cooperative agreements and grants-in-aid to States that establish and maintain active and adequate programs for endangered and threatened wildlife and plants;

*authorizes the assessment of civil and criminal penalties for violating the Act or regulations; and

*authorizes the payment of rewards to anyone furnishing information leading to arrest and conviction for any violation of the Act or any regulation issued thereunder.

William E Simpson
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Western Pond Turtles are endangered….

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Arctech Delivers 575MW SkySmart II Trackers in North China

Picture of Arctech’s 575MW solar project located in Hebei Province, China

Arctech announced that it had delivered SkySmart II tracking system to a 575MW agriculture-sharing solar project located in Nangong City, Hebei Province, China.

SHANGHAI, CHINA, July 29, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Arctech (SSE-STAR: 688408), the world's leading tracking, racking, and BIPV solutions provider, announced that it had delivered SkySmart II tracking system to a 575MW agriculture-sharing solar project located in Nangong City, Hebei Province, China. This largest 2P multi-point drive tracking system + bifacial modules project withstood multiple hits by high winds, and the system's high stability and reliability have been highly recognized by business owners and EPCs.

Since the project land is scattered, it poses a big challenge for the project layout. However, the SkySmart II tracking system with a length of 65-meter is relatively shorter than most of the 1P trackers, which makes it an ideal choice for the project. At the same time, under challenges of soaring steel price and steels in short supply, Arctech still delivered trackers in just three months, which enables the project to be completed on time.

As the first IEC-certified multi-point parallel drive tracking system; though it is SkySmart II’s first application in a large-scale project in China, it has been well-accepted in many other countries such as Kazakhstan, Chile, and the USA, etc.

Adopting the self-developed multi-point parallel drive technology, Arctech SkySmart II provides a 200% increase in wind resistance than other 2P tracking systems and a 52% reduction in foundations than 1P tracking systems. Meanwhile, since SkySmart II is equipped with 4X1,500V-strings of solar modules, which not only helps to reduce electrical costs but also makes it possible to be compatible with all commercially available solar modules including the 182/210 large modules.

Moreover, with the help of artificial intelligence, tracking control strategy, cloud strategy based on real-time meteorological data, bifacial power generation strategy and closed-loop feedback strategy that shares parameters with DC combiner and string inverter, SkySmart II can adapt to various terrains, weather and land conditions and enable up to 7% of additional energy generation.

“Cutting-edge technological innovation and reliable product quality are keys for Arctech SkySmart II to win the 575MW solar project. In addition, with SkySmart II’s successful application in the global project, we believe the tracker market will witness unprecedented prosperity in the upcoming decade with the popularity of both 1P and 2P trackers.” said Guy Rong, President of Global Business at Arctech. “Besides offering reliable products, Arctech’s timely and professional service is also an important reason for us to achieve breakthroughs on the global scale continuously. Looking into the future, Arctech will commit itself to increasing the PV power generation with more highly efficient and reliable products and services, helping more customers achieve commercial success and helping the world to realize the Carbon Neutrality target.”

Yoyo YU
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INNOWELL Announces Single Plug Frac Solution Reducing Completion Times with the Added Benefit of Stronger ESG Profile

Field trial commitments in hand from three mid-sized Permian operators confident that shorter frac stages and real time telemetry will make better wells.

Shorter frac stages make better wells.”

— Senior Completions Engineer, Midsize Permian Producer

HOUSTON, TX, UNITED STATES, July 28, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — from the trade floor of the Unconventional Resources Technology Conference / URTeC

INNOWELL introduces its recently patented, next generation plug and perf solution that enhances recovery with pinpoint stage placement while significantly reducing completion costs and total elapsed time on site. The XpressFrac single plug solution also strengthens an organization’s ESG profile (Environmental, Social, Governance) with a dramatically smaller carbon footprint and an approximate 20% reduction in water usage.

INNOWELL’s new solution improves upon the JITP (Just In Time Perforating) process which stimulates multiple single-zone fractures on a single wireline run using perforating guns that remain downhole during the fracturing treatment. JITP was tested on thirty horizontal wells encompassing 1400 single zone treatments; this resulted in substantial cost reduction and productivity uplift because perforation intervals were individually and effectively treated one at a time with less horse power and fewer wireline runs. See IPTC paper 16813.

With many operators now moving toward shorter stage lengths, XpressFrac’s real time telemetry – temperature, pressure and measured depth – enables forward looking operators to quickly and economically implement a custom completion plan for each individual well based on rock properties and other analytics resulting in lowered costs, higher overall EUR (Enhanced Ultimate Recovery) and better reservoir optimization.

Founded in 2016 and headquartered in Houston, INNOWELL has been in R&D, prototype, and patent application mode for the last several years. In 2018, INNOWELL was named as one of the “10 Most Promising Companies” from a field of 300+ applicants at the Rice University Alliance Energy and Clean Technology Venture Forum. INNOWELL is currently seeking funding for tool manufacturing in order to complete field trials.

Contact: Bill Pickard
INNOWELL Downhole Technologies, LLC

# # #

Bill Pickard
INNOWELL Downhole Technologies, LLC
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LA City Council Candidate, Molly Basler, Condems Branson & Bezos for Going to Space Creating More Greenhouse Gases

Molly Basler

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, July 28, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Over the last two weeks, a new frontier in space travel has been opened — not by NASA or the Chinese government, or by an international consortium, but by two billionaires: Richard Branson, of Great Britain, and Jeff Bezos, of the United States, both of whom flew to the edge of space in their own crafts and returned safely to the earth.

Los Angeles City Council candidate and environmentalist, Molly Basler, is not a fan of these excursions as she believes they are a waste of time and not solving any of the real-world problems we face, "The world is on fire," states Basler. "We are running out of water. Parts of the world have experienced the worst floods in history. We are hurtling in to our 6th mass extinction while the Amazon burns and greenhouse gases fill our atmosphere. We have king baby billionaires pretending to be astronauts."

Some believe that their achievements should be celebrated by all who value the ingenuity of the untrammeled human spirit. However, this is not the case for Basler.

"I would like to see these wealthy individuals help solve the Earth's problems before venturing in to space, creating more greenhouse gases with their rocket ships. Let’s feed the people, not our egos," says Basler.

Molly Basler is the only LA City Council candidate running a green & regenerative campaign. Basler believes a change is needed in the new age of campaigning, as normal campaigning can lead to harmful waste. Thus, she created the Green Dream Campaign as a way to spread this message and cause true change to LA and the world to be more environmentally friendly.

The Green Dream campaign mission is a call to action for all Democratic clubs in Los Angeles. All Democratic institutions in Los Angeles and surrounding areas in all of California should go green and sustainable by 2022. The Green Dream Campaign took a green pledge to follow 9 green Code of Ethics that will ensure that their actions are green and sustainable.

Molly Basler

Molly was born in Downtown Los Angeles at Saint Vincent’s Hospital and was raised in Woodland Hills, a suburb of the San Fernando Valley. Her mother was a stay-at-home mom, and her father was a businessman, and she was raised with three older brothers. She had an activist heart from the start – organizing her first environmental protest at 12 years old, to protect the eucalyptus trees where she lived, and rally support to approve the first bike lane project in her neighborhood. That activism also played a role in her school where she organized the first female powder puff football team, empowering women to challenge the status quo. She attended Hughes Junior High School and Taft High School, and was on the student government where she became the first female Vice President of her Junior High. She attended the University of Southern California and then transferred to Mills College in Oakland, CA, completing her BA, and continued to pursue a career in entertainment.

Molly’s career in Hollywood took a toll on her – however she overcame those personal challenges and struggles and reconnected with her activism and community engagement. Molly began teaching meditation to women at the Brotman Hospital Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Center, where she created a program for women to heal from their addiction and rebuild their self-esteem. Many of these women were on the brink of homelessness. She taught yoga and meditation programs at other domestic violence shelters and rehabilitation facilities and eventually went on to start her own small business: Inside Out Fitness Wellness, with a goal to improve the mental and physical health of those experiencing trauma and abuse, and help empower those women to get back on their feet.

Since then, Molly has become a community organizer, Climate Reality Leader trained by Al Gore, environmental and animal welfare activist on the frontlines fighting for progressive values championing the People, Planet, and Animals. She is the progressive champion that the 5th council district needs. Molly has a compassionate and bold approach to solving the city of LA’s issues. She has worked to aid the homeless in her yoga teaching, along with volunteering at food distribution opportunities. She was head of a committee at Brentwood Presbyterian Church to ensure that our homeless neighbors had food and shelter.

Molly formed The Green Dream Campaign, in partnership with the West LA Democratic Club, working with many organizations and local Democratic leaders across LA County to go GREEN and push for sustainability by 2022. The Green Dream Campaign is founded on nine principles: the Green Dream Code of Ethics which will decrease our carbon footprint and fight the climate emergency impacting our communities.

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