QualityLine exhibits its AI technology for preventing fires in electric vehicles at the Michigan battery show

fire in electric vehicles

Automated data integration to manufacturing industries

Ai Manufacturing Analytics to improve efficiency and yiels

By using the company's AI technology, the automotive market gets immediate insights from data, including inspection data to maximize battery quality.

LAKE ORION, MICHIGAN, USA, September 14, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Vehicle fires due to battery defects can be avoided by QualityLine’s AI analytics and diagnostics for battery management. The solution automatically manages data from the battery's manufacturing process to prevent malfunctions. The Battery Show is North America's largest battery manufacturing trade show and takes place from today September 14 to September 16. QualityLine will be part of Viscom's booth at the show.

Due to the demand for more batteries and a faster production process, the market requires more batteries every day and a much higher quality at the same time. Batteries generate massive amounts of data during production, testing, and in-vehicle use. Currently, Battery Management Systems (BMS) capture some data (such as current state of charge) but the information is static and does not provide insight into the quality of the battery.

QualityLine delivers end-to-end control of the manufacturing process to improve battery quality by analysing automated data integration of any manufacturing data, including inspection data from battery production. Manufacturing teams can then cross correlate between different data sources for a quick and accurate root cause analysis and prevention of electric cars.

“In the automotive industry, you cannot afford battery defects. With the right tools you can increase your ability to identify and prevent such battery defects before they hit the road. QualityLine delivers enormous flexibility for changes, the solution is easy and flexible and the automotive market was looking for such a solution for years.” says Hagen Berger, Head of battery inspection department at Viscom AG, who has been testing QualityLine solution for the last months.

“By data monitoring you can get immediate information about your process. At the very short initial phase you can find what log files tell, which you can evaluate and understand without any extra effort. However log files are stored in every machinery for a short period of time, with QualityLine's solution, you can get an immediate picture of what is going on.

In addition, Qualityline's solution uses correlations for prediction of production quality to alert when production machinery maintenance is needed. As there is a higher battery demand than can be produced, not stopping production every other week due to maintenance of different machinery and being able to plan is a crucial benefit.” Hagen concludes.

QualityLine’s AI technology delivers to the automotive market immediate insights from x-ray data from the quality of materials used, or either the process itself. Issues such as new failure patterns captured at the x-ray, that would require an enormous amount of data to be investigated and hundreds of testing, can now be immediately solved by having the inspection data available.

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