CiRN begins swapping, trading, on UNISWAP, Saskatchewan Uranium and Quebec Uranium Deposits and Iron Deposits

CiRN begins trading, swapping on UNISWAP, Uranium radioactivity to electricity


VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA, October 15, 2021 / — CiRN under the coin symbol CiRN has commenced swapping, trading on UNISWAP, the contract address is , the organization website is .

CiRN owns 100% interest in three (3) huge historically discovered and published Quebec Uranium deposits near population centers. Quebec currently has a moratorium on Uranium exploration and development, however CiRN is pursuing technology to use the in-situ Uranium resource by implementing known technology to absorb the energy emitted from Uranium and convert to electricity under several processes which will be evaluated. Several academic papers by different worldwide institutions have reported on radioactivity to electricity, by gold nanomaterials absorption of radioactivity with electricity produced, another academic paper showed gamma ray absorption by Si solar panels with electricity produced. Another area of evaluation will be utilizing a combination of the two concepts with nanobot technology, Nanobot technology has been implemented and used in the medical field but the same process modified to absorb radioactivity should be feasible. Nanomaterial is 1 billionth of a meter in size, a square meter would hold 1 billion squared of nanomaterial and 1 cubic meter of nanomaterial would be 1 billion cubed. The largest deposit, Doran (Lacana) is reported at 727 meters long by 15 meters wide.

The Quebec Uranium Deposits are the Doran (Lacana) with published probable resources of 10,890,000 tonnes and a grade of 0.025% U3O8, the Capri and Capri 2, with published probable resources of 900,000 and 1,000,000 tonnes and grades ranging from 0.021% to 0.05%.

Uranium energy value comparisons to other energy sources as reported by EURONUCLEAR.ORG, are, 1 kg of Uranium produces 24,000,000 kWh, 1 kg of mineral oil 12kWh and 1 kg of coal produces 8 kWh.

The CiRN owned Uranium deposits dissipate energy every day with Uranium half life of 4.5 Billion years. CiRN will work to implement current technology to absorb this dissipation and create electricity. A grade of 0.025% would equate to the following using the above mentioned energy ratios, 0.00025 (being the grade of 0.025%) x 24,000,000 kWh, equal to 6,000 kWh for 1 kg of the current grade materialm however, there are 10,890,000 tonnes of probable material, equal to 10,890,000 tonnes x 1000 kg per tonne, which is 10,890,000,000 kg of material x 6000 kWh which is 65,340,000,000,000 kWh of energy dissipated continuously from the in-situ resource for the duration of the Uranium 1/2 life of 4.5 billion years. The CiRN approach to a long term electricity source will be good for long term sustainability of Earth.

The CiRN has not conducted any drilling to re-examine the historical reporting and the figures used that are historical in nature and, under the Canada's 43-101 National Instrument, these historic reporting should not be relied upon as the Government of Quebec information is based on historical work pre-43-101 National Instrument implementation, and the information supplied is for information purposes.

CiRN also owns 100% of seventeen (17) historically reported Uranium discoveries located in Saskatchewan on the upper Athabasca Basin. All seventeen occurrences occur in separate areas, in three cluster areas, and are situated west of URANIUM CITY, Saskatchewan.

Highlights are two areas with reported 5+% Uranium assays from grab samples, another occurrence in a different area with reported surface area returning 15,000 cps Uranium, another occurrence in a different area reporting 5,000 cps Uranium, several of the occurrences were drill tested and reported short intervals upto 0.93% U3O8.

CiRN contemplates that if nanobot technology is successfully deployed, then any radioactivity can be absorbed by billions of nanobots for the duration of the 1/2 life of Uranium, being 4.5 billion years. The nanobots themselves could be several meters high hovering over the Uranium deposits, occurrences, the amount of nanobots could be exponentially large number if 1 billion can fit in 1 meter and multi meters height can be acheived.

CiRN also owns three (3) Quebec Iron deposits near tide water in Northern Quebec, one has a proven resource reported under National Instrument 43-101 of 114,245,000, as per the following published information Les ressources mesurées et indiquées sont estimées à 244,921 Mt à 32,5 % Fe (Mesurées : 115,150 Mt à 32,7 % Fe, Indiquées : 129,771 Mt à 32,5 % Fe) et les ressources présumées sont estimées à 9,424 Mt à 33,5 % Fe calculées à une teneur de coupure de 25 % Fe. Les réserves prouvées et probables sont estimées à 239,750 Mt à 32,6 % Fe (Prouvées : 114,245 Mt à 32,8 % Fe, Probables : 125,505 Mt à 32,5 % Fe. (19 septembre 2012) (Rapport technique NI 43-101 déposé sur SEDAR le 2 novembre 2012). Les réserves prouvées sont évaluées à 60200000 tonnes longues titrant 35,9 % Fe (GM 32134). A second Iron deposit with reported probable resource of 101,600,000 tonnes at grade of 36% Iron, and an historic iron mine that produced 265,000,000 tonnes of Iron ore. The Mary River mine being mined by Arcelor Mittal partnership is located a further 2,000km in Nunavut, and the one title covering Quebec is a Nunavut issued title that encompasses Federal Government of Canada lands.

CiRN working to developing the iron for iron flow batteries and for EV production, with TESLA MOTORS (Q-TSLA) announcing that Lithium iron Phosphate batteries will be used in cybertruk and semi truck production and are currently the batteries used in the TESLA MOTORS China gigafactory production of EV's.

CiRN paid 500 billion CiRN for the Iron deposits and 1 Trillion CiRN for the Uranium deposits and occurrences and proprietary technology, and completed ICO of 1 Trillion CiRN for a total 2.5 Trilion Cirn issued, with a minting feature to be implemented that will mint a further 1 Trillion CiRN with minters having to own at least 10,000,000 CiRN to mint.

CiRN Absorbing Earths Energy to Power.

Visit for further information, and contact CiRN if you have nanomaterial technology or nanobot technology to implement absorption of radioactivity dissipation with conversion to electricity, let's work together for unobtrusive and unintrusive sustainable energy.

Marino Specogna

Source: EIN Presswire