Acoustical Modular Building Manufacturer MECART Establishing Operations in Greenville County, SC


MECART expands to South Carolina


High precision MECART cleanroom

Adding 50 new jobs along with a $2 million capital investment in first South Carolina facility

This new facility, staffed with the great people from South Carolina, is a key element to help us achieve our strategic vision.”

— Charles Lipeles, MECART VP of US Operations

GREENVILLE, SC, USA, August 4, 2021 / — The Greenville Area Development Corporation (GADC), charged with promoting and enhancing quality of life in Greenville County by facilitating job growth and investment, has announced that MECART, Inc., a leader in cleanroom environments and a manufacturer of custom-designed acoustical modular buildings, plans to establish operations in Greenville County. The $2 million investment will create 50 new jobs.

Founded in Quebec, Canada in 1974, MECART, Inc. designs, engineers, manufactures and installs modular buildings for industrial applications – including cleanrooms, control rooms and offices for harsh environments, operator booths, sound studios, acoustical components and industrial silencers.

“We are very excited to call Greenville, S.C. home now. Our new factory will allow us to meet rapidly growing customer demand with our high-quality modular system for cleanrooms and industrial enclosures,” said MECART, Inc. Vice President of U.S. Operations Charles Lipeles. “This facility, staffed with great people from South Carolina, is a key element to help us achieve our strategic vision.”

MECART offers turnkey solutions with complete in-house engineering, design, and manufacturing capabilities, all under an ISO 9001 certified Quality Assurance System. The MECART brand is known worldwide for proven solutions, high quality products, on time delivery, competitive pricing and excellent customer support.

“The 50 new jobs that MECART, Inc. is bringing to Greenville County will change the lives of South Carolinians, and we couldn’t be more appreciative. We wish them great success in the Upstate and look forward to seeing them grow and prosper for years to come,” added South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster.

MECART has over 40 years of experience in sound insulation and air treatment, offering rich and varied experience in designing controlled environments. They serve a number of industries including manufacturing, gas and power, pharma/biotech/medical devices, automotive, aerospace and more.

Located at 208 Old Fork Shoals Road in Greenville, MECART, Inc. has experienced substantial growth in the United States over the past decade and has an aggressive plan for future growth, with the new Greenville County operation bringing the company closer to the local market.

“Recruiting international firms like MECART, Inc. to South Carolina is a critical part of our economic development strategy,” noted Secretary of Commerce Harry M. Lightsey III. “This Canada-based company’s decision to establish operations in Greenville County is great news for the local community and our state.”

The new facility is expected to be operational by late summer 2021. Individuals interested in joining the MECART, Inc. team should visit the company’s careers webpage.

“Greenville County is pleased to welcome MECART, Inc. as the company establishes manufacturing operations in South Carolina,” stated Greenville County Council Chairman and Greenville Area Development Corporation Board Member Willis Meadows. As a respected global manufacturer of modular buildings including clean rooms and acoustic enclosures, we welcome their team, talents and capabilities to Greenville County.”

The Greenville Area Development Corporation is a non-profit organization established by Greenville County Council to promote and enhance the economic growth and development of Greenville County. Since its founding in 2001, GADC efforts have resulted in the creation of over 30,000 new jobs, nearly $6 billion in capital investment, and a cumulative economic impact of over $55 billion in Greenville County, SC — including an economic impact of more than $6 billion annually. To learn more, please visit or call (864) 235-2008. To learn more about workforce opportunities, visit

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Alternative Environmental Technologies Announces Nigerian Ministry Approval to Deploy its Sulfex™ Desulfurization Tech

Nigerian Ministry of Petroleum Resources

We are very pleased that the Nigerian government has seen the benefits of AET’s cost saving and environmentally friendly desulfurization technology.”

— APPL Executive Director Muawiyah Umar Farouk

U.S.A., August 4, 2021 / — Alternative Environmental Technologies Holdings Corp. ("AET") is pleased to announce that the Nigerian Ministry of Petroleum Resources/Department of Petroleum Resources (“DPR”) has approved its unique, patented, cost-saving Sulfex™ desulfurization process for deployment to Nigeria and, by extension, the ECOWAS West African region that includes 15 West African countries. This is a direct result of the hard work of our Nigerian partner, Alternative Petroleum & Power Ltd. (“APPL”).

“AET would like to congratulate APPL and their team on this important milestone. We look forward to working with APPL to bring our Sulfex desulfurization technology to West Africa,” stated AET Director, Jack Carter.

“We are very pleased that the Nigerian government has seen the benefits of AET’s cost saving and environmentally friendly desulfurization technology. My entire team and I are very excited about the opportunity to move this forward,” stated APPL Executive Director Muawiyah Umar Farouk.

AET's unique, patented, cost-saving Sulfex™ desulfurization process uses liquids in a low pressure and low-temperature environment to achieve petroleum-based fuel sulfur levels less than 10 ppm and produces a finished fuel that is ready for use. AET's Sulfex™ process is operationally much less complicated than the HDS system currently used at refiners to desulfurize petroleum-based fuels, making it considerably less expensive and much safer to use. The process has been independently validated by the U.S. Department of Energy's Argonne National Labs ( and the initial mass balance of the plant has also been reviewed and confirmed by a global engineering firm.

“In addition to Sulfex, AET looks forward to working with APPL to deploy some of AET’s other climate friendly technologies to West Africa, particularly AET’s EcoMix™ emulsion technologies,” stated AET Executive Director, Steve G. Stevanovich.

Other additional AET technologies include proprietary emulsion technologies that create stable mixtures of emulsified fuels which contain varying percentages of water content. The emulsion technology can be applied to various base fuels in combination with water, creating a wide array of pollution reducing fuels. These fuels reduce both oxides of nitrogen (NOx) and particulate matter (PM) pollution created during the combustion process. AET's Diesel Oil Emulsions (DOE), Fuel Oil Emulsions (FOE) and Residual Oil Emulsions (ROE) have proven significant emission benefits over diesel and significant advantages over "alternative fuels" because their use requires no engine modifications, uses existing diesel fuel oil infrastructure, and requires virtually no re-training of personnel.

About Alternative Environmental Technologies Holdings Corp.

Alternative Environmental Technologies Holdings Corp. (“AET”) is an environmental technology company dedicated to comprehensive cost-effective solutions to environmental problems centering on the processing and usage of hydrocarbons. With more than 100 worldwide patents and patent applications, AET is the worldwide master licensee of the world's most extensive emulsified fuel technology platform.

Using its protected technologies, AET has developed products that provide economical ways to address the increasingly stringent environmental and emission regulations globally to:

• Remove as much as 99.9% of all sulfur compounds found in existing high sulfur fuels and middle distillates sourced from various refineries;
• Enhance combustion efficiency of fuel oil for industrial furnaces and boilers;
• Substitute water for expensive light distillates (i.e. diesel) in producing heavy fuel oil (HFO);
• Reduce Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) emissions, the key hurdle to global adoption of biofuel and biodiesel-based products; and
• Remove sulfur from petroleum in ways that are both more economical as well as more environmentally friendly than methods in current use.

For more information, please contact AET at or by phone at +1 775 309 4555 or visit us online at

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Alternative Environmental Technologies
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Lithium Werks announces largest North American Cathode Powder and Electrode production facility for lithium batteries

Lithium Werks announces the largest North American based Cathode Powder and Electrode production facility

Lithium Werks announces the largest North American based Cathode Powder and Electrode production facility

ROUND ROCK, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, August 4, 2021 / — Lithium Werks, Inc. announces the largest North American based Cathode Powder and Electrode production facility for lithium batteries. The new facility will produce Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) cathode powders, as well as the Lithium Werks’ patented Nanophosphate® powder, which was developed by MIT, known for its Power.Safety.Life™. The facility will also produce finished electrodes for sale and use by lithium-ion battery cell manufacturers.

The plant is projected to have a starting annual production capacity of 4 GWh of cathode powders as well as an equivalent amount of finished electrodes. Responding to the urgent national need for US-based lithium battery capacity, the facility is designed for fast, scalable, efficient, and low-cost incremental expansion to meet the ever-increasing demand for safe, low-cost, and environmentally friendly active materials for electric vehicles, light transportation, and energy storage applications.

The facility will utilize newly developed proprietary and innovative production processes that are not toxic and far greener than the widely used NMP solvents process. The facility will also utilize a newly developed and revolutionary process that eliminates production steps, resulting in less in-process inventory and lower costs, while using ESG friendly raw materials.

Additionally, Lithium Werks will be utilizing new binders, specialty polymers, blends and nanocrystalline materials while leveraging their ownership of the world’s premier intellectual property portfolio of Lithium Iron Phosphate. This includes its MIT developed Nanophosphate® cathode material along with the next generation of high voltage materials. The company’s R&D, Engineering, and Operations teams have more than twenty years of experience developing and producing world class powder. Lithium Werks has the manufacturing experience, patented processes and cell designs that will support the future of the fast-growing energy storage demand.

The facility will also be capable of producing improved energy density performance cathode materials, while delivering safe, long-lasting, and high-power materials – all without any cobalt and nickel, thus being a far greener alternative to the existing tertiary oxide family of materials.

The company has narrowed the site selection to a handful of possible sites and is in the final stages of choosing the ultimate location, with a decision to be made in the 4th quarter of 2021. This facility is being built to help jumpstart the North American scale up of lithium-ion battery solutions. The facility will provide LFP and the Next Generation of Higher Voltage and greener family of active materials for the increased demand to support the electrification of vehicles and energy storage applications.

“We are pleased to make this announcement which will be a quantum leap forward for North American cell producers supplying two key steps in the North American Lithium-Ion battery supply chain”, said T. Joseph Fisher, III, CEO and Co-founder of Lithium Werks.

For more information, please email:

About Lithium Werks – Lithium Werks was formed in 2017 and has the world’s leading position of Lithium Iron Phosphate materials, cells, modules, and battery management systems. The company is one of the world’s fastest growing lithium-ion battery companies, and a global leader in LFP patents and products including electrodes, cells, and custom modules. For more information about Lithium Werks, please visit

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Equity-Focused Approach to Climate Policy Increases Health and Affordability Benefits

Targeting clean energy adoption and greenhouse gas reductions in high-impact communities can save lives, lower energy costs, and build climate resilience

OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, August 4, 2021 / — As federal policymakers consider historic investments to reduce economy-wide carbon emissions, nearly half of all US states have already set binding targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Research released today from the nonprofit science and policy institute Physicians, Scientists, and Engineers (PSE) for Healthy Energy outlines benefits, strategies, and an actionable framework for integrating equity into these state and federal decarbonization policies.

The Bringing Health and Equity to Western States Deep Decarbonization reports analyze the public health, cost, and equity impacts associated with meeting 2020-2050 emissions targets in three Western states: New Mexico, Colorado, and Nevada. For each state, researchers identified regions and populations with high exposure to fossil fuel emissions; characterized household and transportation energy cost burdens; and identified strategies to reduce health-damaging air pollution, lower energy cost burdens, and increase climate resilience through decarbonization efforts. The state-based findings hold implications for climate and energy policy at every level, emphasizing the need and outlining strategies for an equity-focused approach.

“Communities currently burdened by pollution and high energy costs have the most to gain from a transition to clean energy,” said Dr. Elena Krieger, director of research at PSE Healthy Energy. “However, these same communities are frequently left behind when climate policies focus only on carbon emissions. Policies and programs that engage impacted communities upfront and directly address the inequities of our current energy system can help realize these health, economic, and resilience benefits for those who need them most.”

Across all three states, the reports show that focusing emissions reductions and clean energy adoption within targeted populations can reverse longstanding inequities. This equity-focused approach to decarbonization consistently resulted in a more equitable distribution of energy costs, lower public health risks in overburdened communities, and increased climate resilience in at-risk populations. However, the reports also show that decarbonization policies that fail to account for equity may result in prolonged exposure to health-harming pollutants and even increase energy and transportation costs for communities that are already disproportionately impacted by the current fossil fuel system.


About PSE Healthy Energy
Physicians, Scientists, and Engineers (PSE) for Healthy Energy is a nonprofit research institute dedicated to supplying evidence-based scientific and technical information on the public health, environmental, and climate dimensions of energy production and use. We are the only interdisciplinary collaboration focused specifically on health and sustainability at the intersection of energy science and policy. Visit us at and follow us on Twitter @PhySciEng.

Adrienne Underwood
PSE Healthy Energy
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Nuix Appoints Abdeslam Afras to Lead Company Strategy in Investigations

Nuix (ASX:NXL)

I’m excited by the focus and increasing investment Nuix is making in forensic software and services in order to deliver cutting-edge tools and high-value experiences for our clients”

— Abdes Afras

SYDNEY, NSW, AUSTRALIA, August 4, 2021 / — Global software company Nuix ( has recruited investigations software industry veteran Abdeslam Afras to lead its worldwide strategy in digital forensics and incident response. Nuix appointed Afras Executive Vice President of Investigations, based in the company’s Frankfurt, Germany office.

“Abdes is a proven leader with robust experience driving strategy and operations for global technology companies,” said Rod Vawdrey, group chief executive officer of Nuix. “We look forward to him taking Nuix to greater heights with an emphasis on adding unique products and capabilities that exceed customer expectations and drive long-term growth.”

Afras has over 25 years’ experience in business-to-business information technology, most recently as chief revenue officer and president of AccessData. Previously, he held executive leadership positions within the European business groups at Recommind, Data Room Services and Iron Mountain Digital.

“Nuix has the world’s leading processing power with best-in-class global brands, laying a tremendous foundation in the investigations market,” said Afras. “I’m excited by the focus and increasing investment Nuix is making in forensic software and services in order to deliver cutting-edge tools and high-value experiences for our clients.”


About Nuix
Nuix ( | ASX:NXL) creates innovative software that empowers organizations to simply and quickly find the truth from any data in a digital world. We are a passionate and talented team, delighting our customers with software that transforms data into actionable intelligence and helps them overcome the challenges of litigation, investigation, governance, risk and compliance.

Nuix Ltd
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Sydney NSW 2000

Nuix (and any other Nuix trademarks used) are trademarks of Nuix Ltd. and/or its subsidiaries, as applicable. All other brand and product names are trademarks of their respective holders. Any use of Nuix trademarks requires prior written approval from the Nuix Legal Department. The Nuix Legal Department can be reached by e-mail at THIS MATERIAL IS COMPRISED OF INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY OWNED BY NUIX LTD. AND ITS SUBSIDIARIES (“NUIX”), INCLUDING COPYRIGHTABLE SUBJECT MATTER THAT HAS BEEN NOTICED AS SUCH AND/OR REGISTERED WITH THE UNITED STATES COPYRIGHT OFFICE. ANY REPRODUCTION, DISTRIBUTION, TRANSMISSION, ADAPTATION, PUBLIC DISPLAY OR PUBLIC PERFORMANCE OF THE INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY (OTHER THAN FOR PREAPPROVED INTERNAL PURPOSES) REQUIRES PRIOR WRITTEN APPROVAL FROM NUIX.

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Source: EIN Presswire Launches in Texas Market – Delivering the Future of Total Home Energy Management

The Future of Total Home Energy Management

EIQhome's goal is to make the process of shopping for and managing home energy incredibly simple, fast and transparent

HOUSTON, TEXAS, USA, August 3, 2021 / — EIQhome, LLC today announced the launch of its new digital home energy management platform, Founded by retail energy veteran Dan Sullivan, EIQhome’s goal is to disrupt the retail energy industry by making the process of shopping for and managing home energy incredibly simple, fast, and transparent. EIQhome is free to use for any homeowner looking for a more convenient way to manage the supply, demand and sustainability of their home energy.

The EIQhome platform is built with the latest automation and artificial intelligence using AWS native cloud solutions, natural language processing (NLP), robotic process automation (RPA), and API integrations with 3rd parties.

Founder and CEO Dan Sullivan says, “EIQhome is not just another energy shopping site. It was built using the latest digital and AI technology designed to deliver Total Home Energy Management by providing the tools to easily manage home energy supply, demand and sustainability.” delivers an unrivaled experience for a household looking for a “Go-To” site for their Total Home Energy Management.

Providing an Unparalleled Home Energy Shopping Experience

For those shopping for a new electricity plan, EIQhome presents an unbiased listing of plans from almost every significant REP active in the consumer’s service territory. The EIQhome platform searches the internet for posted plans from major shopping sites and REPs and organizes those plans into one easy-to-use shopping experience.

The EIQhome platform understands, parses, and analyzes each plan to present an apples-to-apples cost comparison for each based on the homeowner’s unique energy usage profile. EIQhome easily integrates Smart Meter Texas (SMT) data or utilizes a proprietary usage forecast tool to create a unique usage profile and runs that profile against each plan to create a personalized cost estimate for the homeowner. This process presents the user with the most accurate, unbiased estimate of plan cost available, regardless of plan structure (e.g., Fixed, Tiered, TOU, etc.). EIQhome thus eliminates the confusion surrounding the use of 500/1000/2000 kWh usage walls and calculating highly structured plans for consumers looking to find their lowest cost plan.

The Next Generation MyAccount for Total Home Energy Management

EIQhome MyAccount offers a central platform for ongoing home energy management that provides the homeowner with the easy-to-understand bill and usage insights no matter the supplier. EIQhome MyAccount automatically captures key billing and usage data so the user can easily monitor and manage their home’s total energy cost. The system offers users multiple options to view the data in clear charts and graphs. The system also offers automated alerts as a means of proactively keeping households on top of their costs and usage.

EIQhome MyAccount also integrates with many smart energy devices with work underway to build other integrations for EVs, distributed generation, storage, and other smart energy devices. Future development will focus on building more automation into home energy management that optimizes energy costs, usage, and sustainability. represents the future of home energy management by giving homeowners the digital tools necessary to easily make smart and sustainable energy decisions as part of a Total Home Energy Management approach.

EIQhome will initially focus on the Texas market but has plans to expand into other deregulated markets and to offer other products and services targeting suppliers, brokers, energy efficiency and other energy related services.

About EIQhome

EIQhome is based in Houston, TX and was founded by Dan Sullivan who has 20 years’ leadership experience in retail energy with major industry players Engie, Constellation Energy, Direct Energy, and high-profile energy start-ups GridPoint and Nextilty.

EIQhome’s mission is to help deliver the promise of energy deregulation’s benefits of lower rates, sustainability and other value-added products and services enabled through easy-to-use, transformative digital tools and platforms.

Dan Sullivan
EIQhome, LLC
+1 4103509531

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The RIDGEPRO™ Brings Its Safety Message To The International Roofing Expo 2021

The RIDGEPRO™ The Premium Device for Steep-Slope Roofing Safety is the flagship brand of Strawder Family Innovations. We Take Roof Safety Personally.

UNITED STATES, August 3, 2021 / — The RIDGEPRO™ will advance its mission to dramatically reduce the number of injuries and fatalities in steep-slop roofing applications by bringing its product and safety message to The International Roofing Expo in Las Vegas, NV, from August 10-12, 2021. The RIDGEPRO is the flagship brand of Strawder Family Innovations and is known for its superior engineering and quality craftsmanship. The RIDGEPRO is manufactured in the US in East Canton, Ohio.

The product has been steadily gaining traction with roofing professionals and has achieved strong alliances with many distribution channels. Due to The RIDGEPRO’s recent manufacturing/distribution expansion, Strawder Family Innovations is now able to make The RIDGEPRO available to additional distribution partners. Whether you need just one roof anchor system or hundreds to help keep your workers safe, stop by Booth #2623 and let us know your requirements. Show specials are available for orders placed on the floor.

If The RIDGEPRO has worked in your business to prevent a fall or save a life, share your story with us. We Take Roof Safety Personally.

Please visit us at Booth #2623.

Bianca Chapman
The Reach Group

Strawder Family Innovations key officers are available for interview.

Bianca Chapman
The Reach Group, LLC
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Lakefront Utilities Inc. Continues to Improve Customer Engagement with New Release of Mobile Application

COBOURG, ONTARIO, CANADA, August 3, 2021 / — Lakefront Utilities Inc. (LUI) is pleased to release the 2.0 version of its mobile customer engagement application. This app is free of charge for its customers and available on iOS and Android. This version moves Lakefront one step closer to true utility digitization with increased overall performance, speed, and simplified navigation.

Lakefront’s enhanced solution now provides one simple-to-use menu allowing customers access to the utility’s important information, such as enhanced outage information. Once Lakefront’s customer registers, their billing and metering information is provided, and all information is automatically updated when new information is available. New features like one-click delivery of PDF bills and the ability to export electricity and water data via email, allows the customer instant access to their current and historical information. The solution is available to all Lakefront customers and automatically adapts to the customer’s type of utility account: residential, commercial, institutional and/or industrial. With the enhanced app, residential and small business customers can now compare their electricity usage from the previous month to see what pricing option is best for them, comparing time-of-use to tiered pricing!

This digital solution is constantly evolving while Lakefront and developers, Screaming Power Inc., continually look for ways to help customers reduce their costs and greenhouse gases, while at the same time offering better customer engagement. Dereck Paul, President and CEO of Lakefront Utilities Inc. states, “As Lakefront continues to leverage smarter technologies, we look to use the information and platforms we have to evolve our business. Our customers are our priority and by thinking differently, innovation continues to be the best route for us to serve our community better. We are committed to helping our customers and now that we have evolved our organization to be more flexible and engaging, our efforts are being noticed and our customers are reaping the rewards.”

Lakefront continues to analyse solutions that support the needs of their ratepayers. Early findings indicate that the majority of Lakefront’s original residential mobile app users reduced 10 to 15 % of their electricity usage just by understanding how they use electricity and having access to the app. Integrating legacy data, such as billing and metering information, with new technologies and two-way communication with the customer provides Lakefront new opportunities to engage, evolve and empower their customers.

“This is good news for Lakefront Utilities customers, who will have easy access to their billing and metering information,” says Todd Smith, Minister of Energy. “Our government is always supportive of innovative technology that helps people to better understand their electricity consumption and to save money on their electricity bills.”

Gary Michor, CEO of Screaming Power Inc. says, “Lakefront has been a great partner in the evolution of the market through digitization. This teamwork has evolved the mobile solution and helped create innovative ways to reduce the grip legacy technologies have on limiting innovative thinking. Lakefront challenged us with building a better solution at a lower cost. Our improved “Scream Utility” platform, which Lakefront now uses, outperforms other solutions, while being more flexible and cost effective. All this is done to simplify the energy user’s experience, so everyone can make use of the most up-to-date information available from a trusted source.” The solution is suited for energy and water Utilities of any size, anywhere.

Screaming Power’s digital platform is unique in that it is based on mobile technology and easily connects to the Internet of Things and legacy data silos. Advanced machine-learning is used to baseline buildings, weather normalize and provide automated optimizations that allow energy users to save energy and greenhouse gases.

The digital energy platform supports the integration of microgrids, energy generation and storage, by providing a program to track and exchange this information with its customers. The updated solution set provides Lakefront and other Utilities throughout the world with a competitive edge in the global energy data economy and Lakefront has been big part of that evolution.

About Lakefront Utilities Inc.
Lakefront Utilities Inc. (LUI) is an electricity distributor which serves the Town of Cobourg and the Village of Colborne. LUI is responsible for maintaining distribution and infrastructure assets for over 30 square kilometers, and currently serves approximately 10,000 residential and commercial customers across its two service areas.

About Screaming Power Inc.
Screaming Power is revolutionizing customer engagement by providing a mobile platform that connects the energy user, allowing for effective and secure two-way communications to educate, change behaviour and encourage sustainability. Our extensible Intellectual Property provides a low-cost, digital infrastructure for a self-sustaining Eco-System. Our Scream Utility & Scream Enterprise mobile solutions focus on reducing ‘cost-to-service’ for utilities and reducing the building energy footprint for large enterprises, while driving satisfaction and facilitating the delivery of innovation (e.g., connectivity to the IoTs).

For further information, please contact:
Dereck Paul, President and CEO
Lakefront Utilities Inc.
905-372-2193 ext.5226

Gary Michor
Screaming Power Inc
+1 833-227-0696
email us here

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Complete Solar Partners with California Regional Training Center to Support Olympic Hopefuls

Elite Athlete Internships have a two-fold mission: 1) provide career training and development and 2) bring a diversity of thought and skill to Complete Solar.

LEHI, UTAH, USA, August 3, 2021 / — As Chairman and board member for the California Regional Training Center (CA-RTC), Complete Solar CEO Will Anderson has championed a resident athlete program that helps, “…elite-level wrestlers live and train in Palo Alto, CA while pursuing their world and Olympic Championship dreams.”

Complete Solar is participating in this endeavor by sponsoring Tyler Berger and Grant Leeth with Elite Athlete Internships. Both are NCAA All-American wrestlers who are now transitioning to compete internationally. The Elite Athlete Internship is a CA-RTC program that provides financial and career support to athletes as they participate in year-long internships while also training and competing as representatives of the United States in international and Olympic events. The internships provide a unique structure and flexible time commitments that support the athletes’ training and competition needs.

Complete Solar is seeing tremendous benefits from working with the CA-RTC. “The athletes coming through this program are truly world-class,” noted Anderson, adding, “there are very few people who have ever achieved a level of success similar to these men and women in any pursuit. I am a firm believer that the traits that make them world-class in athletics can be redirected toward the professional world, and they will become world-class business professionals.

Grant Leeth and Tyler Berger also commented about what their involvement in this program means. “Piloting this new program means that I can help Stanford get a national title,” said Grant Leeth. “I feel really grateful that I get to participate in this program that gives the flexibility that is needed for training and competing at this level.”

Tyler Berger noted, “From the first conversation I had with Will, it was evident that he and the Complete Solar team were wholly bought into our success. This program is not only helping set the stage for future career success but it is also fueling my dreams of competing in future world and Olympic events.”

About Complete Solar

Complete Solar is a leading residential solar company with a platform technology for managing every aspect of the customer experience. Through this platform, Complete Solar partners with best-in-class companies that specialize in each link of the solar value chain. The platform is designed to become an industry standard that enables further specialization and improves each aspect of the value chain, reducing costs and enhancing the customer experience. The company currently serves 14 states and is headquartered in San Ramon, California.

About California Olympic Regional Training Center

The California Regional Training Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting Olympic hopefuls and eligible elite wrestlers of all ages as they train and compete domestically and internationally to become World and Olympic Champions. Operating out of Stanford University the CA-RTC is a recognized U.S. Regional Training Center Site and aims to be the premier destination for Olympic hopefuls. The organization's “360 Degree Wrestler” program was established to fully support its athletes, both in competition and in life by concentrating on three core pillars: Competitive Success, Career Development, and Community and Social Engagement.
Visit to learn more.

Sarah Neeley
Complete Solar
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Solarflux FOCUS parabolic dish concentrator demonstrates 72% solar-to-thermal conversion efficiency

The FOCUS concentrates sunlight onto a central receiver, where the energy is transferred into a circulating fluid

The FOCUS concentrates sunlight onto a central receiver

Annual energy yield from the FOCUS solar concentrator significantly above that of alternative solar energy systems

This report provides independent confirmation of what we have long known- that the low cost FOCUS solar parabolic dish concentrator is the highest performing solar technology out there.”

— Naoise Irwin, CEO

READING, PA, UNITED STATES, August 3, 2021 / — Solarflux Energy Technologies, Inc. (Solarflux) has announced the results of an independent report reviewing performance test results for the Solarflux FOCUS parabolic dish concentrator, demonstrating solar-to-thermal conversion efficiency of 72%. That is, the tests show that 72% of the solar energy arriving at the FOCUS is converted into usable heat.

This solar-to-thermal conversion efficiency is comparable to best-in-class solar-to-thermal conversion performance from alternative concentrating solar power (CSP) systems such as parabolic trough. However, unlike alternative CSP technologies, the FOCUS is a full two-axis tracking device. As such, it maintains perfect alignment with the sun from sunrise to sunset at all latitudes, thereby delivering maximum conversion efficiency throughout the day, and year-round.

As a result, the annual energy yield from the FOCUS is significantly above that of alternative solar energy systems, outperforming parabolic trough by up to 50% or more, depending on the system’s peak capacity and site location.

Prepared by Lehigh University’s Energy Research Center, the report independently reviews testing of solar-to-thermal conversion efficiency in close accordance with the methods outlined in the ASTM 905-87 industry standard relating to solar concentrators.

The FOCUS offers a low-cost, low-maintenance, zero-emission, modular thermal energy solution for a variety of use cases, including industrial process heat, water desalination and purification, space heating and cooling, hot water, and remote power generation.

Solarflux was founded in 2019 by a team dedicated to developing innovative technologies to help sustainably meet the growing energy demands of modern human civilization. The Solarflux team believes that parabolic dish concentrators offer unique potential to bring clean, inexpensive energy to a wide range of underserved market segments, particularly in regions of the world with an abundance of direct sunlight. Solarflux is backed by the Met-Ed Penelec Sustainable Energy Fund, Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Northeastern Pennsylvania and private investors.

For more information, please email or visit

Solarflux Team
Solarflux Energy Technologies, Inc.
+1 610-741-6503
email us here
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