The Way to Happiness Association Tampa Bay Joins Hundreds to Celebrate 2019 Earth Day in St. Petersburg, Florida

Earth Day Celebration at TWTH tent

On Saturday, 13 Apr 2019, the Third Annual Earth Day Celebration was held at Williams Park in St. Petersburg, Florida. Shown here are visitors at the Way to Happiness booth receiving free education materials to promote care of the environment.

"Safeguard and Improve the Environment" was a recurring theme among Floridian citizens honoring Earth Day.

[W]e must act fast to turn around the downward spiral of environmental destruction by broadly educating our neighbors and taking action ourselves to directly clean up our communities.”

— Tanja Cranton, ED of TWTH Association of Tampa Bay

CLEARWATER, FLORIDA, US, April 17, 2019 / — St. Petersburg’s historic Williams Park, 10:00 a.m. on Saturday morning of April 13th, 2019 saw the green canopy The Way to Happiness tent going up among dozens of groups at the Third Annual Earth Day Celebration, a day designated for promoting care of the environment, observed in over 192 countries and celebrated by billions.

At Williams Park, hundreds of environmentalists, Earth lovers and the curious toured booths promoting care of the ocean and animals; industries selling products such as solar panels to reduce the carbon footprint; holistic treatments; and of course, food, organic and otherwise.

The Way to Happiness Association Tampa Bay focused its message on changing attitudes. They distributed over 600 of L. Ron Hubbard’s The Way to Happiness booklets, in which one precept to happiness advises: “Safeguard and Improve the Environment.” In that 1981 booklet, L Ron Hubbard wrote, “Cut down too many forests, foul too many rivers and seas, mess up the atmosphere and we have had it. The surface temperature can go roasting hot, the rain can turn to sulfuric acid. All living things could die.”

According to Keep America Beautiful, litter is another environmental problem and it’s costly; $11.5 billion are spent every year to clean up litter in the USA.

Tanja Cranton, Executive Director of The Way to Happiness Association Tampa Bay, said, “Together we can save the planet but we must act fast to turn around the downward spiral of environmental destruction by broadly educating our neighbors and taking action ourselves to directly clean up our communities.”

The Way to Happiness is one of nine humanitarian outreach programs sponsored by the Church of Scientology ( The Way to Happiness Association Tampa Bay has been carrying out monthly community clean-ups in Clearwater and is holding the next cleanup on April 20th in Clearwater’s Gateway neighborhood.

For more information on the program or to join in the cleanup projects, please contact The Way to Happiness Community Center on 33 N. Fort Harrison Ave, Clearwater FL 33755, open daily from 10am – 10pm or call: (727) 467 6961.

The Way To Happiness

The Way to Happiness is the first moral code based wholly on common sense. Originally published in 1981, its purpose is to help arrest the current moral decline in society and restore integrity and trust to humankind. The Way to Happiness further holds a Guinness Record as the world’s single most translated non-religious book in the world. This code of conduct can be followed by anyone, of any race, color or creed and works to restore the bonds that unite humankind.

Tanja Cranton
The Way to Happiness Association Tampa Bay
+1 727-467-6961
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Electric Ancient Egyptians-New Updated and Expanded 3rd Edition of revolutionary book wins three gold medals

Electric Ancient Egyptians book cover

Expanded 3rd Edition

James Ernest Brown

James Ernest Brown

Gold Medal Awards

Winner of Three Gold Medals

Manpulating Atomic Structure with Human Electricity. This book is a radical reinterpretation of ancient Egyptian Art and Symbolism.

Stunningly insightful”

— Dr. Carmen Boulter, PhD, The Pyramid Code

PAGOSA SPRINGS, COLORADO, UNITED STATES, April 17, 2019 / — Electric Ancient Egyptians:
Manipulating Atomic Structure with Human Electricity

Pagosa Springs, Colorado: April 17, 2019, James Ernest Brown, author and independent Egyptian researcher, announced the release of the revised and expanded 3rd edition of his ground-breaking book, Electric Ancient Egyptians: Manipulating Atomic Structure with Human Electricity. Brown’s book is a radical re-interpretation of ancient Egyptian art and symbolism. The updated expanded award-winning and critically-acclaimed 3rd edition has fifty new pages of research and more than sixty compelling new images and illustrations that present more compelling evidence for his thesis.

Brown hypothesizes that ancient Egyptian pharaohs understood natural forms of energy, such as static electricity and unseen forms of energy, now referred to by scientists as subtle energy. He believes they were manipulating atomic structure with amped up human electricity, using it as an igniting catalyst to transmute elements as part of their royal duties. Brown asserts that temple carvings and artifacts reveal that the ancient Egyptians could generate electricity and electrify specific parts of the human body. The abundance of gold didn’t represent wealth but was used instead to facilitate remarkable uses of natural forms of energy. There is anecdotal evidence that the ancient Egyptians were able to produce their own gold. The ancient name of Egypt was Khem, from which our word alchemy comes, as well as the ancient tradition of transmuting base metals into gold. Gold would have been the metal of choice since it is the best surface electrical conductor. Brown has concluded that what have been misinterpreted as ceremonies were in fact visual instructions and detailed formulas, which he believes were visual alchemical formulas used to manipulate atomic structure. They were carefully carved on temple walls and painted in tombs throughout Egypt.

Brown’s journey began in 1977 with an epiphany regarding the nature of pyramids and a resulting relentless desire to comprehend the true purpose of the Great Pyramid of Giza. As a professional builder and designer, he further developed a passion to decode the purposefully designed monuments of ancient Egypt. There is considerable disagreement about the interpretation of ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics, and the interpretations don’t correspond with the paintings and reliefs shown on temple walls and tombs. Brown believes these require a radical re-interpretation. He states “Our eyes are the tools for critical interpretation, and the scientific and technological implications for free energy are enormous.”

James Brown has traveled to Egypt multiple times since the 1970s, gathering evidence and data to support his alternative theories and ongoing research. His books are the result of more than forty years of original research and evidence gathered from grassroots research expeditions to Giza, Luxor, Saqqara, Abydos and Abu Simbel. This ongoing research presents compelling evidence that traditional interpretations of ancient Egyptian monuments, artifacts, temple and tomb art, need to be reconsidered and re-evaluated. He plans to build a scale model replica using pyramid geometry, modern materials, and updated methods, to demonstrate that the Great Pyramid’s main purpose was to electrify water.

James Brown has worked as a commercial contractor and builder for five decades. His family-owned construction company has built more than 2,300 homes, commercial buildings, and multi-family dwellings, winning five national awards for energy efficiency in cold weather climates. He describes himself as a practical thinker, and believes that the logic and results of his research need to make practical sense. Since 1977 he has diligently researched how the ancient Egyptians understood and used natural forms of energy such as lightning, static electricity, and telluric currents. In 2015 Brown founded the Ancient Energy Research Center whose mission is to conduct scientific research with natural energy sources such as solar, static electricity, and cold fusion, using innovative methods of experimentation.

James Ernest Brown
Ancient Energy Research Center
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UNDP and Sahara Group Join Forces to Promote Sustainable Energy and SDGs in Africa

Sahara UNDP partnership 1

Executive Director, Sahara Group, Temitope Shonubi and Regional Director for Africa, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Ms. Ahunna Eziakonwa, signing the Memorandum of Understanding

Sahara Group,  UNDP partnership ..

Administrator, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Achim Steiner and Executive Director, Sahara Group, Temitope Shonubi

Sahara Group is passionate about the partnership with the UNDP. We are confident that it will facilitate access to affordable energy for all Africans.

Sahara Group is passionate about the partnership with the UNDP. We are confident that it would facilitate access to affordable energy for all Africans.”

— Temitope Shonubi, Co-founder and Executive Director, Sahara Group

The Sahara Group, an international energy and infrastructure conglomerate and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) are joining forces to promote reliable access to affordable and sustainable energy, and to mainstream the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the private sector with a specific focus on SDG 7 (affordable energy).

The partnership was formalized on Monday 15 April in New York during the official signing of a Memorandum of Understanding by UNDP’s Regional Director for Africa Ms. Ahunna Eziakonwa and the Sahara Group Executive Director Mr. Temitope Shonubi, in the presence of UNDP Administrator Achim Steiner, and the Permanent Representative of the Federal Republic of Nigeria H.E. Ambassador Tijani Muhammad-Bandé.

“650 million people in sub-Saharan Africa do not have access to electricity. UNDP looks forward to partnering with Sahara Group to ensure everyone in this region has access to affordable energy, a critical part of our work supporting countries to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.” said UNDP Administrator Achim Steiner.

“At Sahara Group, we believe that access to energy is critical to accelerating sustainable development, especially in developing economies. As a leading energy provider in Africa, we are passionate about the partnership with the UNDP and are confident that it would inspire more interventions and ultimately facilitate access to reliable, clean and affordable energy for all Africans.” Mr. Temitope Shonubi explained.

Africa’s energy demands are poised to rise with rapid urbanization and economic growth. The 2030 Agenda and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), specifically SDG 7, calls for universal access to aff¬ordable, reliable, and modern energy services, including clean fuels and technologies.

Per the agreement, UNDP and the Sahara Group will work to identify best avenues to build on their respective network and experience to create power solutions that will help drive sustainable development and provide support for SDG nationwide monitoring and reporting.

The Sahara Group was appointed as one of two African companies on the Private Sector Advisory Group set up by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals fund (UN-SDGF) in 2016. It has since played a significant role in driving that by mandate by the creation of the Private Sector Advisory Group (PSAG) Nigeria which was inaugurated by the Vice President of Nigeria and comprises over thirty leading businesses and corporate foundations in Nigeria.

The partnership is initially expected to be rolled out in Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana, and Nigeria. Follow progress of the project on Twitter: @UNDP, @iamsaharagroup, UNDPAfrica, #EnergytoLife.

Bethel Obioma
Sahara Group
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SemaConnect Wins EV Charging Lawsuit Against ChargePoint

SemaConnect smart electric vehicle charging stations

SemaConnect smart EV charging station

Federal Court’s decision is a victory for the entire smart electric vehicle charging industry.

Access to a network is what makes smart EV charging truly powerful. We fought on behalf of the entire industry’s ability to innovate and provide smart features that benefit the drivers.”

— Mahi Reddy, CEO at SemaConnect

WASHINGTON, DC, USA, April 17, 2019 / — The US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit has upheld and affirmed the US District Court’s motion to dismiss ChargePoint’s patent infringement lawsuit against SemaConnect. The original lawsuit, filed in December 2017 and dismissed in March 2018, claimed invention of networked electric vehicle charging. ChargePoint claimed that SemaConnect had violated four patents regarding the use of a network to control the flow of electricity from the power grid to an electric vehicle. The Federal Court’s decision is a win for SemaConnect and the entire EV charging industry’s right to build charging networks.

The eight patent claims found in ChargePoint’s four patents broadly described the concept of sending a communication over a network in order to turn electricity on and off. In a 28-page opinion, Chief Judge Prost affirmed the lower court’s ruling that the eight claims were abstract ideas rather than patentable technical improvements. Further, the broad language in the patents would prevent the rest of the electric vehicle charging industry from using network services.

“The claims do nothing to improve how charging stations function; instead, the claims merely add generic networking capabilities to those charging stations and say ‘apply it,’” wrote Chief Judge Prost. “This is simply an abstract-idea-based solution implemented with generic technical components in a conventional way.”

Prost concluded, “While the eight claims on appeal vary in some respects, they are all directed to the abstract idea of communicating over a network for device interaction. Communication over a network for that purpose has been and continues to be a building block of the modern economy… This is an abstract idea beyond the scope of [US Code] 101, and the asserted claims are directed to that abstract idea.”

“Access to a network is what makes smart EV charging truly powerful. We fought on behalf of the entire industry’s ability to innovate and provide smart features that benefit the drivers. Now that the Court has sided with us twice, we look forward to driving the future forward through smart networked charging solutions,” said Mahi Reddy, CEO at SemaConnect.

“This isn’t just a victory for SemaConnect, but for the whole industry,” said Philip Jones, executive director at the Alliance for Transportation Electrification. “Open networks both create the ability for EV owners and station operators to move seamlessly among service providers, and assist with smart charging that creates value for all.”

“Innovation is fueled by inventiveness that is optimized under a collaborative development model such as is provided by open source and open standards. The US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit's recent decision reaffirms the fundamental notion that poor quality patents should never be permitted to slow or stall innovation and thereby enables collaborative advances in electric vehicle charging critical to the growth of the electric vehicle industry,” said Keith Bergelt, CEO at the Open Invention Network.

About SemaConnect:
SemaConnect is the leading provider of electric vehicle amenities to the North American commercial and residential property markets. A complete EV support partner, SemaConnect delivers a truly modern property experience through innovative, elegantly designed charging stations and a robust and open network. The company has helped maximize property value and appeal through thousands of successful Class A deployments since its founding in 2008, for companies such as CBRE, JLL, Hines, Greystar, Cisco Systems and Standard Parking. SemaConnect remains the preferred charging solutions partner of municipal, parking, multifamily, hotel, office and retail customers across the United States and Canada. For more information, visit

Bethany Villarreal
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Onsite Utility Services Capital Unveiling Energy Savings as a Service at the Wisconsin Energy Efficiency Expo

DELAVAN, WISCONSIN, UNITED STATES, April 17, 2019 / — Onsite Utility Services Capital (OUS Capital), as a Silver Sponsor for the Wisconsin Chapter of Association of Energy Engineers (WAEE), will present their Energy Savings as a Service program on May 13th, 2019 at the Wisconsin Energy Efficiency Expo in Madison, Wisconsin.

The Expo provides a training and networking environment for energy professionals, product and service providers, educators, engineers, energy policy administrators, and students, who can learn about and discuss real solutions involving energy conservation and improve energy efficiency.

During the New Technologies Breakfast at the Expo kickoff, OUS Capital will discuss their highly-anticipated program called Energy Savings as a Service (ESaaS). Through ESaaS, companies, facilities and organizations of every size can upgrade their existing energy infrastructure to modern, energy-efficient solutions – but without the typical up-front financial requirements typically associated with such a project.

“Smart business leaders and stakeholders understand the positive financial impact delivered by energy-efficient solutions,” says Fritz Kreiss, Founder and CEO of OUS Capital. “What has stopped so many of them from implementing those solutions is the up-front investment requirements that can come such a project. Energy Savings as a Service solves that problem in one simple solution, making energy efficiency easy.”

Through Energy Savings as a Service, an entire building, facility or property can undergo a complete energy efficiency upgrade, using as many as a dozen modern and cutting-edge options. The entire cost of the upgrade project is fronted by OUS Capital, with the client paying for the upgrade costs only from the savings the upgrade generates. Most importantly, ESaaS is not a loan, so it does not attach as a debt on the client’s balance sheet.

"With the rapidly changing competitive landscape for effective ways to boost revenues , this is easily one of the most exciting profit-building solutions to come along for companies and organizations in Wisconsin in a very, very long time," said Kreiss. “We’re going to give everyone an inside look at how it works on May 13th.”

The Wisconsin Energy Efficiency Expo will be held May 13th, 2019 7:00 am – 4:00 pm, at the American Family Insurance Headquarters, Building A, 6000 American Pkwy, Madison, Wisconsin. Registration information can be found at

About Onsite Utility Services Capital
Since 1993, OUS Capital has been dedicated to unlocking the power of energy efficiency for hospitality businesses nationwide through innovative solutions that lower energy consumption, reduce energy spend, and increase profits. The company’s exceptional staff of energy experts look forward to helping hospitality properties accomplish their energy efficiency objectives through their Energy Savings as a Service program, and can be reached at

Fritz Kreiss
Onsite Utility Servies Capital, LLC
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Solid State Drives (SSD) Market Status and Global Forecast, by Players, Types and Applications 2019-2024

Solid State Drives (SSD) -Market Demand, Growth, Opportunities and Analysis Of Top Key Player Forecast To 2024

PUNE, MAHARASHTRA, INDIA, April 17, 2019 / — Solid State Drives (SSD) Industry


Wiseguyreports.Com Adds “Solid State Drives (SSD) -Market Demand, Growth, Opportunities and Analysis Of Top Key Player Forecast To 2024” To Its Research Database

Proper management of memory is vital for a computer system to operate properly. Modern operating systems have complex systems to properly manage memory. A memory is just like a human brain. It is used to store data and instructions. Computer memory is the storage space in a computer where data is to be processed and instructions required for processing are stored. The memory is divided into a large number of small parts called cells. Each location or cell has a unique address, which varies from zero to memory size minus one. Memory can primarily be divided into three types; namely; primary, secondary and cache.

Solid-state storage (SSS) is a type of non-volatile computer storage that stores and retrieves digital information using only electronic circuits, without any involvement of moving mechanical parts. Types of flash-based solid-state storage devices include MMC, SD, SSD and USB Flash Drives. A solid-state drive/ disk (SSD) is a solid-state storage device that uses integrated circuit assemblies as memory to store data persistently. The key components of an SSD are the controller and the memory to store the data. The primary memory component in an SSD was traditionally DRAM volatile memory, but since 2009, it is more commonly NAND flash non-volatile memory.

The overall growth of the industry is driven by rising rate of adoption of laptops and notebooks for personal and professional use. Other factors contributing to the growth is rising storage needs of Big Data industry coupled with the supremacy of SSD over flash memory. The trends observed in the SSD market and hence the memory market is a large number of merger and acquisitions as well use of eSSD. Despite the large number of factors contributing to the industry growth, the SSD market is posed with the challenges like entry barriers for new players, data security concerns, competition from solid state arrays. Technological challenges such as transition to 3D NAND and new generation NVM memory also pose serious threat to the industry.

The report, “Global Solid State Drives Market: 2016 Edition” analyzes the prevailing condition of the industry along with its major segments like NAND and DRAM. The major players, Samsung Electronics, SanDisk and Intel Corporation have been profiled and compared, along with their key financial statistics and strategies for growth.

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Table of Content

1. Overview

    1.1 Computer Memory Devices 
      1.1.1 Classification Based on Memory Type 
      1.1.2 Classification Based on Memory Volatility 
    1.2 Solid State Storage Devices 
      1.2.1 Classification of Solid State Devices 
    1.3 Solid State Drives

2. Global Market Analysis

    2.1 Memory Market Analysis 
      2.1.1 Global Memory Market by Revenue 
      2.1.2 Global Memory Market Revenue by Type 
      2.1.3 Global Memory Market by Shipment Volume 
      2.1.4 Global Memory Shipment Volume by Type 
    2.2 SSD Market Analysis 
      2.2.1 Global SSD Market by Value and Volume 
      2.2.2 Global Client PC’s SSD Market by Value and Volume 
      2.2.3 Global Enterprise SSD Market by Value and Volume 
      2.2.4 Global Enterprise SSD Split by Interface – Forecast 
      2.2.5 Global Enterprise SSD Storage Split by Interface 
      2.2.6 Global SSD Market by Region 
      2.2.7 Global SSD Market by Average Selling Price 
      2.2.8 SSD Demand Share in Global NAND Demand 
      2.2.9 SSD and Overall NAND Demand Growth by Application

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3. Market Dynamics

    3.1 Growth Drivers

      3.1.1 Rising Rate of Adoption in Laptops 
      3.1.2 Nearing Price Parity 
      3.1.3 Technological Comparison 
      3.1.4 High Storage Needs of Big Data 
      3.1.5 Supremacy over Flash Memory

    3.2 Key Trends & Developments

      3.2.1 Merger & Acquisitions 
      3.2.2 Enterprise SSD

    3.3 Challenges

      3.3.1 Barriers to Entry 
      3.3.2 Competition from Solid State Arrays 
      3.3.3 Data Security Concerns 
      3.3.4 Transition to 3D-NAND 
      3.3.5 New Generation NVM Memory

4. Competitive Landscape

    4.1 Global NAND Players by Application Mix 
    4.2 Global SSD Market Share by Revenue 
    4.3 Global Enterprise SSD Market Share by Revenue 
    4.4 Global PC SSD Market Share by Revenue 
    4.5 Global PC SSD Aftermarket Market Share

5. Company Profiles

    5.1 Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

      5.2.1 Business Overview 
      5.2.2 Financial Overview 
      5.2.3 Business Strategies

    5.2 SanDisk

      5.2.1 Business Overview 
      5.2.2 Financial Overview 
      5.2.3 Business Strategies

    5.3 Intel Corporation

      5.3.1 Business Overview 
      5.3.2 Financial Overview 
      5.3.3 Business Strategies

List of Charts

Computer Memory Characteristics 
Classification Based on Memory Volatility 
Architecture of Solid State Drives 
Global Memory Market by Revenue (2010-2017E) 
Global Memory Market Revenue by Type (2010-2017E) 
Global Memory Shipment Volume by Type (2009-2017E) 
Global Memory Shipment Volume by Type (2009-2017E) 
Global SSD Market by Value and Volume (2013-2017E) 
Global Client PC’s SSD Market by Value and Volume (2013-2017E) 
Global Enterprise SSD Market by Value and Volume (2013-2017E) 
Global Enterprise SSD Split by Interface (2014 – 2018E) 
Global Enterprise SSD Storage Split by Interface (2014) 
Global SSD Market by Region (2015) 

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Contact Us: Sales@Wiseguyreports.Com Ph: +1-646-845-9349 (Us)  Ph: +44 208 133 9349 (Uk)

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North Las Vegas NV Local Real Estate Agent Wins Best Real Estate Agents NLV Nevada – Dang NLV Real Estate Agents

Christine Dang Certificate of Excellence North Las Vegas NV

Christine Dang Certificate of Excellence North Las Vegas NV

Christine Dang Local Real Estate Agent North Las Vegas NV

Christine Dang Local Real Estate Agent North Las Vegas NV

North Las Vegas Nevada Local Real Estate Agent

North Las Vegas Nevada Local Real Estate Agent

Best Real Estate Agents North Las Vegas Nevada

Best Real Estate Agents North Las Vegas Nevada

Top Local Real Estate Agent North Las Vegas NV

Top Local Real Estate Agent North Las Vegas NV

Best North Las Vegas NV Local Realtor Elected Best Local Real Estate Agents Near Me – Dang North Las Vegas Nevada Real Estate Agents Help NLV Sell My House Now.

Being a top local realtor in North Las Vegas NV, my job is helping families asking how to find a top local real estate agent near me in NLV to efficiently market their North Las Vegas Nevada homes.”

— Real Estate Agents North Las Vegas NV – Christine Dang Real Estate Agency

NORTH LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, UNITED STATES, April 16, 2019 / — Best 5-Star Real Estate Agents in America has awarded Christine Dang, an established real estate agent in North Las Vegas Nevada, its superior Certificate of Excellence for topmost success in the real estate homeowner service profession in America.

When you prepare to get a house, getting assistance from a realtor will certainly speed up your search. Your purchaser representative represents your interest throughout the whole property transaction as well as will work hard making certain you get the very best bang for your mortgage dollar.

To find a realtor who meets your needs and also makes your selling experience a positive one, adhere to some simple pointers.

Your local realtor is an absolute requirement when it involves investigating available residences offered for sale. Your real estate agent needs to have geographical understanding and neighborhood experience, in addition to college information and other expert information. Your realtor will additionally have a network of related professionals to assist you in finishing your property deal, consisting of home loan providers, title firms as well as examiners. When you prepare to make a deal on a residence, your local real estate professional will certainly generate the documents to present to the homeowner as well as will certainly discuss in your stead until you are either satisfied with the conditions of the sale or decide to pass and look elsewhere.

As soon as your offer is accepted, your local realtor will certainly help you in the navigation of each action in the closing procedure. If you just were not pre-qualified for a mortgage, your realtor will likewise help you to collect the required elements to obtain a home loan. In other words, your purchaser agent will certainly lead you through each step of the buying procedure while taking care of even more details that you could never imagine.

Working with a skilled realtor to help market a house will certainly be the best investment ever before made. A real estate broker with understanding and also experience in the career will be able to boost your bottom line on a home sale.

Christine Dang has become successful as a seller agent in a profession among top local real estate agents in North Las Vegas NV and should be capable of contributing worthwhile knowledge and observations in this regard.

Your top realtor will list your residence to buy on the multiple listing service and spread the facts concerning your the home to various other realtors. Your realtor might hold an open house for other top local realtors and also host occasions to draw in possible purchasers. Like a buyer agent, your homeowner agent should have neighborhood knowledge, college details as well as other expert details to show to potential customers.

When a legit deal is made on your house, a top real estate agent will show real value by discussing every detail to your benefit. At this point, you need to have enough confidence in your representative to trust the recommendations pertaining to the close of your sale. And then, place the documentation in the hands of your real estate professional.

Exactly how typically do you intend to speak with your real estate agent? Do you intend to have conferences at your house rather than the office of the realtor? Consider the benefits of dealing with a seasoned real estate broker versus a beginner.

As you could see, the role of a buyer agent as well as a homeowner representative are definitely varied, yet their courses intersect with each property purchase. Whether you are acquiring or selling, a professional real estate agent will be your ally from beginning to end.

As a leading listing agent in the profession of the best North Las Vegas NV real estate agents, Christine Dang is actively involved in the town too and keeps perceptive about local developments which are priceless in surveying the market.

Locate an agent that complements your personality. If your favored technique of communication is e-mail, don't choose a real estate agent whose most advanced modern technology is a fax.

As you start the process of offering your home, you are confronted with the following concerns. Exactly what is the ideal price? What should be done about advertising and marketing of my house? Exactly how do I ensure I'm dealing with certified purchasers? Exactly what should I do about the closing? The solutions of a qualified realtor specialist are of the highest worth in answering these questions.

Exactly what detail is most vital when selling a home? A homeowner needs to be aware of what the state requires as well as exactly what the loan provider calls for when it concerns home sales deals. A homeowner also should know the duration for all purchases. If the schedule is not adhered to, the agreement can end up being null.

Marketing your house is much more than placing a sign in the yard and an ad in the classifieds. A local realtor should provide a selection of advertising and marketing tools including a backyard sign, promotion in regional property magazines, incorporation in the neighborhood multiple listing service, addition on their web site and also printed leaflets or brochures. This complex advertising and marketing strategy guarantees that your residential or commercial property is seen by hundreds of prospective purchasers.

Getting exclusive real estate leads are a recent benefit because exclusive online leads can help experienced real estate agents list new homeowners, both luxury sellers and luxury home buyers. The referral fee may be “pay at closing,” thereby requiring little or no up-front cost for the real estate agent. This uncommon approach is now determined as the best endorsed way to get the top real estate leads provided that the (1) referral fee is “pay at closing,” also called “paid at closing” or “paid after closing,” such as is the case with, and, the real estate leads are (2) exclusive, not sent to several agents, (3) focused on listing referral leads primarily, or (4) focused on seller listing referrals, but not centered on buyer leads, and (5) highlights the real estate agent name rather than the referring service name to (6) build the brand name of the agent which (7) provides long term growth and renown for the agent. The “real estate agent” can then become the household brand rather than the “referring service” becoming the household brand. These exclusive real estate agent leads are considered to be the best exclusive real estate leads “pay at closing” by leading real estate agents.

Those of you who are considering marketing your property might be considering the opportunity of doing it by yourself without the help of a top local real estate agent. You are believing you could conserve some cash by doing it by this means. You might conserve some cash, however is it really worth the risk? Your residential property would not get the required visibility to the broad selection of potential customers that are available, locally and nationally, to get the best sales price. You are only marketing mainly to those who drive by your street or by word of mouth.

Keep in mind that the realtor is not paid unless the residence is sold. The commission depends on the realtor implementing a successful advertising technique. Time is limited so agents make sure to bring high quality buyers to your residence. Several realtors prequalify customers with a mortgage company prior to revealing to them a home. This is twice as helpful. The customers are serious.

Look for a realtor organization that will be your companion. Locate somebody you can depend on, that will offer you the facts, and aid you to make intelligent, knowledgeable choices and collaborate with you throughout the whole procedure.

Doesn't working with an attorney deal with contracts? If you think a lawyer drawing up a contract is complimentary and without concerns and also duties, you're incorrect. The attorney does not have the freedom to remain on top of this to make certain everything required is completed on the house prior to closing. If you do want the lawyer to deal with the details, you'll pay an attorney’s charge, which is normally expensive.

The best real estate agents in North Las Vegas Nevada are blessed to have an accomplished local real estate agent like Christine Dang in their midst who definitely brings a lofty degree of competence to the real estate trade in North Las Vegas NV.

You are virtually on your own when it involves whoever enters your home wishing to see your home. Placing your residence on some site basically informs all the psychos around that your residence is open to whoever wants to walk inside your house. You have no idea about anything concerning the person wanting to come into your home. A top realtor will certainly handle this dilemma by pre-qualifying everyone who may be interested in your residence and will accompany any possible customers when they visit your house. A top local real estate agent can schedule open houses and also specific consultations to reveal your residential property when you are not readily available.

Thinking of offering your house on your own, without the aid and expert suggestions of a certified real estate broker? You may want to re-consider your choice to do so, due to the fact that possibilities are great that you will certainly not raise your gain by marketing your own residence. Do you possibly believe your cost savings on commission will be your reward after you participate in a seminar on offering your home?

A residence transaction is a complicated series of deals with numerous parties. Not only is it time-consuming, appointments and control with experts at every level is necessary. Presence at a workshop does not make you an expert on house selling. Average individuals will acquire only 2-3 houses in a life time, unless they are building financiers. A top producing real estate agent will certainly average 5-10 purchases each month. A realtor with expertise and also experience in the profession will be able to boost your bottom line on a house sale.

When making an offer on a home you intend to acquire, there are particular demands you wish to add to the preliminary offer. It would be terrible to discover that during the time prior to closing on the home the backyard has actually been spoiled, or the house has been trashed. Include criteria such as working devices, a non-leaking roofing system, un-cracked home windows, plumbing free from leaks, a maintained lawn as well as any kind of trash or debris has actually been removed from the residential or commercial property. A top realtor can make certain that you are safeguarded from these concerns in the contract.

During times when a property owner in North Las Vegas Nevada is thinking of the idea of “sell my house fast,” one might contact a dedicated local realtor professional such as Christine Dang Real Estate Agent North Las Vegas NV, (702) 919-5831. Why should anyone take chances when attempting to get the highest price for your residence in North Las Vegas Nevada in the shortest time period?

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Best Real Estate Agent in North Las Vegas NV

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Preliminary Agenda Announced For 2019 International Fuel Ethanol Workshop & Expo

FEW Logo

Produced by Ethanol Producer Magazine and organized by BBI International

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA, UNITED STATES, April 16, 2019 / — The 2019 International Fuel Ethanol Workshop & Expo, the ethanol industry's largest conference, has released its agenda, featuring more than 150 speakers and five comprehensive tracks. Taking place June 10 to 12 in Indianapolis, Indiana, the FEW provides the global ethanol industry with cutting-edge content and unparalleled networking opportunities in a dynamic business-to-business environment. Now in its 35th year, the FEW is the largest, longest running ethanol conference in the world—and the only event produced exclusively by Ethanol Producer Magazine.

“Each year our staff is amazed at the innovation within this industry,” said Tim Portz, program director for BBI International. “We saw everything from new yeast strains to artificial intelligence in this year’s pool of abstracts and worked hard to make sure that it all found a home on the agenda. Once again, there is truly something for every professional on an ethanol plant roster on the technical agenda.”

This year’s FEW in Indianapolis is expected to draw nearly 2,200 attendees, including ethanol producers, industry suppliers, service providers and researchers from around the world. “The expo hall is filling in with companies energized to discuss new technologies and services advancing the ethanol industry,” said John Nelson, director of marketing for BBI International. “Last year, the expo hall was buzzing with 560 biofuels producers in attendance, and we are expecting to reach the same number of producers this year.”

During the event speakers will discuss issues categorized into five tracks:

Track 1: Production and Operations

Track 2: Leadership and Financial Management

Track 3: Coproducts and Product Diversification

Track 4: Cleaning & Plant Maintenance

Track 5: Advanced Biofuels Conference

This year’s new track, Cleaning & Plant Maintenance, is built specifically with plant maintenance teams in mind and features presentations focused on keeping the components of an ethanol plant in top working condition.

Visit to view the agenda online.

John Nelson
BBI International
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InnoVacient Judges Innovator of the Year for Cybersecurity

New InnoVacient Logo

InnoVacient Selected To Judge Innovator of the Year for Cybersecurity for Third Consecutive Year.

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, April 16, 2019 / — InnoVacient was selected by the Cybersecurity Association of Maryland, Inc. (CAMI) to judge the “Cybersecurity Innovator of the Year” category at the Maryland Cybersecurity Awards Event held on April 11, 2019. In front of a record-breaking crowd of over 350 attendees at the Maryland LIVE! Casino & Hotel in Hanover, MD, 15 awards were presented to Maryland companies, organizations and individuals selected for outstanding cybersecurity products, services and/or programs or to have made a substantial contribution to Maryland’s cybersecurity industry.

This year the prestigious Cybersecurity Innovator of the Year award was presented to Quantum Xchange for their groundbreaking quantum key exchange network. “Quantum Xchange’s approach to key based exchange and security is simply fantastic and truly light-years ahead of the competition. They will be the model for many years to come.” Says Ken Ferderer, Managing Partner at InnoVacient.

This is the third consecutive year that InnoVacient has been selected to judge this preeminent event for cyber innovation. "I would like to thank Ken Ferderer and Dylan Kennedy from InnoVacient for judging this year’s event. Maryland is the recognized leader in cyber security innovation, and InnoVacient’s involvement is a key part of our organization's strategy to showcase Maryland cyber innovation around the world. Ken and Dylan bring years of experience and global recognition for their work developing cyber related ecosystems and fostering cyber related innovation strategies for corporations and governments. We are happy to include them as a critical component of CAMI’s cyber team” says Stacey Smith, Chief Executive Officer at CAMI.

InnoVacient is a key partner of the State of Maryland’s cyber initiatives, with a relationship dating back to 2015. InnoVacient has provided ecosystem development strategies and ongoing innovation and commercialization advisory services to CAMI and Maryland’s vast array of cyber companies. InnoVacient also helped deliver the CyberMaryland conference, a global cyber event featuring Maryland as the premiere hub for cyber innovation. In addition to their work with the State of Maryland and cyber ecosystems of Maryland, InnoVacient specializes in using cybersecurity and cyber resilience as a transformational lever in their efforts working with corporations, government and innovation ecosystems around the world.

"InnoVacient’s involvement with the Maryland Cybersecurity Awards program is part of our commitment and extensive work developing global innovation ecosystems. Helping companies and governments adapt, transform and create new market opportunities through cyber resilience strategy and execution is a key focus of the InnoVacient team. We are extremely proud to participate in this event and for the opportunity to help these up and coming cyber companies. Stacey and the entire CAMI organization, along with the State of Maryland, deserve all the recognition for another fantastic evening that once again exceeded all expectations" says Ken Ferderer, Managing Partner at InnoVacient.

About InnoVacient:
InnoVacient is an experienced advisory firm and recognized leader in Strategic Transformation services and solutions, helping clients envision, prepare for, and capture future opportunity using our acclaimed DIRECTED TRANSFORMATION FRAMEWORK™. The InnoVacient team has successfully collaborated with governments, states, non-profits, global Fortune-500 companies and startup clients around the world and across all industries. Visit or email for more information.

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Industrial Power Piping and Mining Contractor Opens Doors in Gilbert, Arizona.

Phoenix Area General Contractor in Gilbert Arizona

FHI Plant Services Gilbert Arizona Location

Pipe Welding and Structural Welding Facility in the Phoenix AZ area

FHI Fabrication and Welding Facility

ASME code welding shop in Phoenix Arizona area

Code Welding and Inspection Shop in Gilbert Arizona

FHI opens new location in Gilbert, Arizona and services all of Arizona and Southern California from the Gilbert Shop location.

GILBERT, ARIZONA, UNITED STATES, April 16, 2019 / — Since our humble beginnings in 1970, FHI has been providing turn-key plant services to the mining, oil and gas, refinery, processing, and power generation industries across the Southwestern United States. Our power generation expertise is within solar thermal, natural gas, coal fired, and geothermal. Our mining expertise is in rare earth process facilities, and natural gas is within combined cycle, simple cycle, and co-generation power. We offer mechanical contractor services, prefabricated structural steel welding and erection, electrical installation, civil excavation and concrete, earthwork and grading, ash hauling and welding inspection.

FHI provides new boiler installation in addition to ASME industrial boiler repair, pressure vessel installation and repair, B31.3 process piping, as well as B31.1 Sec I boiler and non-boiler external piping. We handle American Petroleum Institute API 653 Tank Repair and API 1104 piping code projects. Having a National Board "R" Stamp and ASME "S" Stamp, FHI is qualified to perform specialized repair pipe welding and fabrications to meet the code requirements.

Safety is FHI's main priority, and we are 100% quality conscious at every phase of the project. Our certified heavy equipment operators, and code qualified welders are some of the best in the industry. FHI is a proud veteran owned company, and we operate on the following levels: General Contractor, as a Sub-contractor, and on behalf of the EPC. We are very satisfied with our new shop location here in Gilbert, Arizona. Being centrally located to Phoenix Arizona and right off the 202 Freeway, we are positioned to better serve our clients. Our new fabrication shop is an economical 4-5,000 sq. ft. facility with multiple welding bays, bending machines, brake press, torch kits, band saws, pipe beveling machines, drill presses, arc gougers, MIG welders, stick welders, TIG welders, and positioners to name a few. FHI will see your next project from the beginning to end, on time, within budget, and with the best quality.

David Johnson
FHI Plant Services
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FHI Plant Services handles all types civil excavation and earthwork

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