How to Fix the Problem of so Few Women in STEM (Part II)

Girls in STEM

Girls in STEM

What can be done to influence young women to achieve success in STEM careers. Read how they can pursue careers in science, technology, engineering, and math.

Too often, it seems that young women and girls learn about the exciting careers of men and less about women who have equally prominent positions.”

— Formaspace

AUSTIN, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, December 4, 2018 / — Here in part two of our series, “Why Do Women Hold Just 24% of STEM Jobs in the USA?” we take a look at how to encourage young women and girls to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering, and math.

The need for change is great.

At a time when an increasing number of baby boomer workers are retiring, employers are facing a major shortage of talented, high-tech STEM workers, it makes no sense for half of the potential candidates, e.g., women, to feel excluded or unwelcome from these interesting, well-paid careers.

What can be done to influence young woman and girls to achieve success in STEM careers?

Here are five practical suggestions to act on — in your community, your school, and in the work environment:

1. Celebrate Role Models That Inspire Young Women To Achieve Success In STEM Careers

What inspires us to pursue an interesting and successful career, one that we feel passionate about?

Career choices come about as a result of many factors.

Sometimes, a chance coincidence will play a major role, while in other cases, the influence of a favorite teacher will inspire an academic career, or jobs traditionally held by family members will help determine a future career path.

But let’s not overlook the powerful influence of role models. Exposure to the stories of leading scientists, mathematicians, company presidents, and other prominent individuals can have a remarkable influence on young minds, inspiring them to pursue a career that they may not have considered before.

Too often, it seems that young women and girls learn about the exciting careers of men and less about women who have equally prominent positions.

Why not take the time to learn about the inspiring careers of some of the leading women in science and industry so that you can share these role models with young people? Here are some useful examples to add to your storytelling repertoire:

-Joy Adamson, Naturalist and Conservationist

International best-selling author Joy Adamson wrote the book “Born Free” about her experiences living in Kenya in the 1950s, where she rescued an orphaned lion cub named Elsa. The book and the 1966 film adaptation are inspirational works that can help young people learn about natural science, species preservation, and the importance of wildlife and the environment.

-Hedy Lamarr, Wireless Telecommunications Inventor and Hollywood Movie Star

Lauded for her beauty and captivating presence on the silver screen, Austrian immigrant Hedy Lamarr took Hollywood by storm in the 1930s. Yet the movie business and its superficial social scene bored Lamarr, who occupied her mind by reading technical journals, inventing new products, and consulting to Howard Hughes’ aviation business. During World War II, Lamarr invented a frequency hopping radio transmission scheme that evaded eavesdropping and jamming. The technique is still used in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth communication to this day. The 2017 film Bombshell tells the Lamarr story.

-Jennifer Doudna: Developer of CRISPR/Cas9

Jennifer Doudna, a molecular biology and chemistry professor at the University of California, Berkeley, has led the efforts to unlock the secrets of how to edit our DNA sequences, which is considered one of the most significant discoveries in the history of biology. The CRISPR/Cas9 gene edition technique holds the promise of preventing or curing diseases at the cellular level, ranging from cystic fibrosis and HIV to Huntington’s disease.

-Limor “Ladyada” Fried: Hacker & Engineer, Founder of AdaFruit

MIT engineering graduate Limor Fried founded the phenomenon known as AdaFruit in 2005. This woman-owned company looms large in the hacker and maker movement. Dubbed “LadyAda,” Fried hosts frequent video podcasts on the AdaFruit YouTube channel that teach young people how to create their own electronic projects and inventions. Fried’s unconventional, yet relatable style has inspired young women and girls to experiment with STEM-oriented projects by providing high-quality products, inspirational tutorials, and an unassailable joie de vivre.

2. Promote Participation In STEM Career Development Activities For Young Women And Girls
You can also help young women and girls become more aware of STEM career opportunities by creating or taking part in events designed to connect young people with technical careers.

Here are several annual events to provide inspiration:

Feb 4, 2018: Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day

As part of National Engineers Week, the new Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day program helps connect young women and girls with women working in the field of engineering. We also recommend reviewing Business Insider’s list of the 43 most powerful female engineers of 2017.

February 11, 2018: International Day of Women and Girls in Science 11 February

According to the United Nations, male students are 2 to 3 times more likely to earn a Bachelors, Masters, or Doctor’s degree in science-related fields. To increase awareness of this level of gender inequality, the United Nations declared the 11th of February as the annual International Day of Women and Girls in Science. To learn more about the importance of women in science roles, we also suggest checking this list of 91 famous women scientists.

April 26, 2018: Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work Day

Originally founded in 1992 as Take Our Daughters to Work Day by the leaders of the Ms. Foundation for Women, this annual event expanded in 2003 to include boys as well. The idea is for boys and girls to learn about opportunities and explore careers at an age when they are more flexible in terms of their gender roles.

This is also an ideal day to teach young women and girls about successful women in industry leadership roles. Check out our article “Celebrating Leading Women in Industry” for information about leading female CEOs in the high-tech and manufacturing industries, including:

-Phebe Novakovic, CEO of General Dynamics
-Mary Barra, CEO of General Motors
-Renee James, former CEO of Intel
-Ginny Rometty, CEO of IBM

Oct 5, 2018: Manufacturing Day

As the manufacturing world accelerates into what some experts are calling the Fourth Industrial Revolution, it’s also facing a looming talent crisis. With more and more Baby Boomers retiring each month, there simply aren’t enough qualified candidates with the necessary STEM skills available to meet the demand. Today’s manufacturing careers require high levels of technical expertise in order to design, develop, manage today’s digitally-based production techniques, such as 3D printing and sensor-driven Internet of Things-based tools.

That’s why it’s more important than ever to recruit young women as well as men to this growing and rewarding sector.

Brooke Turner
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Jennifer Doudna: Developer of CRISPR/Cas9

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Durango Reports Magnetic Anomaly on Trove Property at Windfall Lake, QC

Durango announces that an airborne survey conducted on its Trove property in the Windfall Lake area has outlined a magnetic anomaly and four (4) targets.

Durango Resources Inc. (OTCQB:ATOXF)

Durango is fortunate to have had Bonterra complete the airborne survey on the Trove property as it has delineated regional fault information and highlighted the NE structure going through the property”

— Marcy Kiesman, CEO

VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA, December 4, 2018 / — Vancouver, BC – Durango Resources Inc. (TSX.V-DGO), (the “Company” or “Durango”) announces that an airborne survey conducted on its wholly owned Trove property in the Windfall Lake Urban Barry area of Quebec has outlined a magnetic anomaly.

The Trove property is surrounded by Osisko Mining Inc. (TSX.V-OSK) and an airborne survey was completed by Bonterra Resources Inc. (TSX.V-BTR) (“Bonterra”) while the property was under option to Bonterra in 2018. The survey shows an anomaly following the regional fault which trends through the property with the dark pink representing a magnetic high and the dark blue representing a magnetic low.

The regional gold mineralization is controlled by the regional group of faults called the Rouleau Fault and Barry Fault and the major projects in the Windfall Lake area are connected to this same NE-SW regional fault group. Magnetic surveys are commonly used in the region to find major faults and structures as outcrops in the area are limited. In addition to the regional fault and the magnetic signature, the Trove hosts till anomalies of gold, copper and zinc which align with the Rouleau fault. These anomalies could indicate a possible relation between the NE-SW fault and undiscovered bedrock gold mineralization.

Based on the work completed by Bonterra, four (4) targets were identified on the Trove property, (Gagnon R. 2018). Future exploration activities recommended for the Trove property are stripping, trenching, additional rock chip sampling and drilling.

Marcy Kiesman, CEO of Durango stated, “We are fortunate to have had Bonterra complete the airborne survey on the Trove property as it has delineated regional fault information and highlighted the northeast structure going through the property. I am very excited that we have retained 100% interest in the Trove property which is part of the emerging Windfall Lake gold mining camp and look forward to exploring it further in the upcoming months.”

The technical contents of this release were approved by George Yordanov, P.Geo., an independent qualified person as defined by National Instrument 43-101. The property has not yet been the subject of a National Instrument 43-101 report.

About Durango

Durango is a natural resources company engaged in the acquisition and exploration of mineral properties. The Company is positioned for discovery with a 100% interest in a strategically located group of properties totalling over 11,000 hectares in size in the Windfall Lake gold camp in the Abitibi region of Québec, Canada.

For further information on Durango, please refer to its SEDAR profile at

Marcy Kiesman, Chief Executive Officer
Telephone: 604.428.2900 or 604.339.2243

Forward-Looking Statements

This document may contain or refer to forward-looking information based on current expectations, including commencement and completion of future exploration, raising of capital to complete exploration and the impact on the Company of these events. Forward-looking information is subject to significant risks and uncertainties, including market conditions, as actual results may differ materially from forecasted results. Forward-looking information is provided as of the date hereof and we assume no responsibility to update or revise them to reflect new events or circumstances. For a detailed list of risks and uncertainties relating to Durango, please refer to its prospectus filed on its SEDAR profile at

Neither TSX Venture Exchange nor its Regulation Services Provider (as that term is defined in the policies of the TSX Venture Exchange) accepts responsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of this release.

Marcy Kiesman
Durango Resources Inc.
+1 604-339-2243
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American Energy Society selects Nathaniel Rich as “Energy Writer of the Year, 2018"

Nathaniel Rich

The premier literary award for energy

The professional network for energy

The premier literary award for the energy sector.

What set Mr. Rich’s work apart and makes him the clear choice for "Energy Writer of the Year – 2018" is his balanced, contextual treatment of a highly controversial issue.”

— Eric Vettel, Ph.D., President – American Energy Society

PALO ALTO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, December 4, 2018 / — Palo Alto, Calif. – December 4, 2018 – American Energy Society is pleased to announce that it has selected Nathaniel Rich as the "Energy Writer of the Year, 2018." The Society took special note of his article, “Losing Earth: The Decade We Almost Stopped Climate Change” (New York Times Magazine, August 1, 2018). The 31,000-word piece weaves together a narrative about a critical ten-year period, 1979 to 1989, when science, politics and industry awoke to the fact that rising greenhouse gases posed an existential threat. Rich documents how and why this great awakening failed to translate to action despite universal and bipartisan acceptance of the problem. Accompanying aerial photographs and videos by George Steinmetz supports the thesis with a vivid display of disturbing images. Tucked into a prodigious amount of material is the story of the key figures who turned climate change into a major political issue. In the late 1970s, few Washington officials knew much of anything about global warming; by the end of the ‘80s, President George H.W. Bush almost signed a United Nations treaty to address it. Mr. Rich writes with gripping, novelistic detail and captures the tragicomedy of scientists struggling — and failing — to shape the political sphere.

According to Eric Vettel, President of American Energy Society, “The topic of energy in 2018 captured the attention of many talented writers and the AES editorial board had to consider a number of worthy candidates. What sets Mr. Rich’s work apart and makes him the clear choice for Energy Writer of the Year, 2018, is his balanced, contextual treatment of a highly controversial issue.”

In recognizing Mr. Rich, the AES Editorial Board recognizes the necessity of addressing some of the criticism directed at Losing Earth, noting: “Nathaniel Rich has written a thoughtful essay, and it deserved equally thoughtful consideration. Instead, criticism – especially from the center-left – fixated on the absence of an identifiable antihero. In particular, The Atlantic Monthly, founded by legendary existentialists who were not afraid to look inward, piled on Mr. Rich by pointing out a list of villains they think are to blame for the changing climate, apparently unaware that their own periodical was founded as a counter to such overly simplistic thinking.”

There are many ways to summarize the problem that Mr. Rich effectively captures in his thought-provoking essay. Mr. Rich himself noted in an interview with The Energy Gang that “the level of political will required to initiate action in a substantial way is really lacking, and I guess in that sense, political will is human will. We will have to get there eventually because of the level of devastation that is coming…. If we understand the nature of the problems and our own limitations – personal, social, political – we will then be able to grapple with this in a serious way at the level required to initiate major transformation, because transformation is coming, one way or the other. The only question is how involved are we going to be.”

Perhaps it is most apt to compare the present existential crisis documented by Mr. Rich to Thomas Jefferson’s equally upsetting remark about slavery, one of humanity’s first great crimes: “as it is, we have the wolf by the ear, and we can neither hold him, nor safely let him go.” Mr. Rich is telling us that perhaps it is time to start thinking about the prospect of letting go.

About Nathaniel Rich: An alumnus of Yale University, where he studied literature, Mr. Rich is the author of many essays for Vanity Fair, Harper's Magazine, Rolling Stone, and Slate, as well as novels such as Odds Against Tomorrow (2013) and non-fiction books like San Francisco Noir, named one of the best books of 2005 by the San Francisco Chronicle.

Previous winners:
– 2017: Meghan O’Sullivan, Windfall: How the New Energy Abundance Upends Global Politics and Strengthens America's Power.
– 2016: Mark Mills: “Shale 2.0”.
– 2015: Coral Davenport, New York Times.

About the Society: The American Energy Society (AES) is a non-partisan, energy-neutral, independent network of nearly 500,000 professionals from every energy sector. Through a variety of services and programs, the AES supports its Members with recognized publications like Energy Today and Energy Matters, a website newsfeed dedicated to the “energy news you need to know today,” updates on groundbreaking discoveries, and notifications about upcoming conferences, funding and awards, job openings, and more. To learn more about AES, visit Credentialed media can contact AES for more information about this award.

Eric Vettel
American Energy Society
+1 650-796-1947
email us here
Visit us on social media:

The American Energy Society, an introduction.

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Rockland Trust Bank Installs SemaConnect EV Charging Stations

Dual Pedestal Mount Smart EV Charging Station with Cable Management

Dual Pedestal Mount Smart EV Charging Station with Cable Management

Electric Vehicle Drivers Charge While Banking

Financial institutions are building connections between their messages of investing in financial and environmental solutions. We’re excited to see Rockland Trust add EV charging as a customer service.”

— Mark Pastrone, Vice President of Business Development at SemaConnect

BOSTON, USA, December 3, 2018 / — SemaConnect announces that it has installed electric vehicle (EV) charging stations at Rockland Trust Bank in Hyannis, Massachusetts. The two futuristic stations are installed on a dual pedestal with a sleek cable management system that keeps the cords tidy.

Massachusetts is a growing market for electric vehicles. The state has committed to 80% decrease in carbon emissions by 2050 and offers rebates to drivers and select workplaces for purchasing electric vehicles. According to the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources, over 11,000 EVs have been purchased using statewide rebates since 2014.

Rockland Trust Bank’s local manager noticed an increase in EVs visiting the bank. After researching electric vehicle charging companies, he chose SemaConnect as his station provider for an exploratory pilot program. Since installment, he has seen an increase in evening visitors, especially clients and employees using the stations during off-peak hours.

“Many banks are starting to install charging stations as a way to serve drivers looking to top off their electric vehicle while they meet with a financial advisor,” said Mark Pastrone, vice president of business development at SemaConnect. “Financial institutions are building connections between their messages of investing in financial and environmental solutions. We’re excited to see Rockland Trust adding EV charging as a new kind of customer service.”

The new SemaConnect stations are open to the public and use a variable hourly pricing structure. Station status and location can be found on the SemaConnect and PlugShare mobile apps.

About SemaConnect:
SemaConnect is the leading provider of electric vehicle amenities to the North American commercial and residential property markets. A complete EV support partner, SemaConnect delivers a truly modern property experience through innovative, elegantly designed charging stations and a robust and open network. The company has helped maximize property value and appeal through thousands of successful Class A deployments since its founding in 2008, for companies such as CBRE, JLL, Hines, Greystar, Cisco Systems and Standard Parking. SemaConnect remains the preferred charging solutions partner of municipal, parking, multifamily, hotel, office and retail customers across the United States and Canada. For more information, visit

Bethany Villarreal
+1 301-352-3730
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Young graduates have an opportunity via the Sahara Talent Entrepreneurship Program (STEP) – designed to empower young talent with an entrepreneurial mindset

LAGOS, LAGOS, NIGERIA, December 3, 2018 / — Anything we become is predicated on our ability to take the very first STEP. We take steps to move from one spot to the next. The first step is an expression of the motivated to be in motion and accomplish a mission.

At Sahara, we are consistently driven by our dynamism. We offer our people the greatest opportunities for professional development and personal actualization. We believe in the power of the first STEP and we walk beside you as that step becomes a journey. We provide a blank canvas and our people paint away with deliberate, disruptive and strategic strokes to produce excellent outcomes.

Now, young graduates have an opportunity to take that STEP with the Sahara Talent Entrepreneurship Program (STEP) – a platform designed for sourcing and empowering young professionals to grow their expertise in a foremost energy conglomerate with operations in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

STEP seeks to develop entrepreneurship leadership skills of young talent, improve their business acumen, strategic thinking and relationship management abilities which are required to support growth strategies within the group.

The one-year program is systematically structured to expose participants with entrepreneurial mindsets to all the diverse areas of the business. The development programme will include two or three rotations that combine on-the-job learning with formal training opportunities blended with foundational skill training; in-house classroom training; feedback sessions; hands-on projects; coaching and mentoring opportunities. Candidates will be given stimulating hands-on roles, and have the opportunity to not only understand the culture and core values of the company but to live by them.

If you want to grow and make an impact as a business leader; explore a world of possibilities and harness your potential in a vibrant young environment, then the Sahara Talent & Entrepreneurship Program (STEP) is just right for you.

The Unlimited Value Proposition to Young talents:

Challenging & Evolving Career – Participants will be exposed to challenging real-life business scenarios in today’s rapidly evolving business environment working in a diverse and global environment. There will be opportunities to be part of an organization that believes in disruption as a tool for strategic development in today’s business world.
Unique Mentorship Opportunity – Participants will have a unique mentorship opportunity to shadow renowned business leaders. The participants will have the unique opportunity to relate directly with top management in order to enhance their growth, mind-set and self-empowerment
Capacity Building – Participants will receive training in our business tailored to their skills and career aspirations. They will be given a veritable platform to develop their potential.
Multicultural Exposure – Participants will have the opportunity to travel and be exposed to our businesses across locations and will develop an extensive understanding of the diverse culture within the group.
Strategic Growth & Personal Empowerment – Participants will be groomed to have an extensive understanding of the energy business and the opportunity to build a broad network both internally & externally
Minimum Qualification/ Experience:

University degree in a reputable University (Minimum: Second Class Upper)
Maximum of 2 years (Post-NYSC) experience. Completion of NYSC is a must.
Maximum age- 26 years old by December 2018

Bethel Obioma
Sahara Group
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Sahara Foundation Empowers 30 Entrepreneurs

Sahara Group is delighted to celebrate these heroes who would ultimately emerge as icons and business leaders.

LAGOS, LAGOS, NIGERIA, December 3, 2018 / — Sahara Foundation empowers 30 entrepreneurs to mark World Entrepreneurship Month

November is celebrated globally every year as the Entrepreneurship Month. It is a period to celebrate men and women who brave all odds to take smart risks in business – an informed leap in the dark if you will – to create value. StartUps are gaining traction across the globe as more people continue to embrace the challenge of carving a niche for their business ideas. Particularly noteworthy and deserving of commendation are the young people who have taken the bull by the horns by starting, running and sustaining businesses in climes with peculiar economic challenges.

Sahara Group is delighted to celebrate these heroes who would ultimately emerge as icons and business leaders.
Having spent the month of November showcasing innovative business solutions by entrepreneurs across various sectors, Sahara Foundation organized an Entrepreneurship Workshop to prepare beneficiaries for Themed StartUp Nation, the one day workshop hosted 30 young entrepreneurs to five transformative sessions with accomplished professionals and entrepreneurs as facilitators. The entrepreneurs who were selected via the Foundation’s digital platform for young innovators and entrepreneurs – – were exposed to business rudiments as well as knowledge and information for growing their businesses.

The workshop sessions included topics on finance, business funding, branding, social media use for business and starting and growing a business with currently available resources.

Ivie Imasogie- Adigun, Group Head, Human Resources, Sahara Group set the tone for the workshop with a thought-provoking opening remark. “Entrepreneurs are people who pursue their dreams passionately and are never afraid to fail. This tenacity ultimately equips them for the journey ahead, paving the way for success as long as they remain focused, innovative and determined. This is a path we have been through and continue to develop at Sahara Group and we are delighted to support young people to realise their dreams,” she counselled.

The Facilitators included Olumuyiwa Adebayo, Head, Sahara Group Finance; Oyindamola Johnson, an African Union Youth Champion; Omolabake Bode-Matthew, a successful entrepreneur; Adenike Bamigbade, Digital Marketing Expert; and Tunji Andrew, a serial entrepreneur, radio show host and investor. Their sessions were engaging, practical and resourceful.
In what could have easily passed for a mini-MBA, the participants were schooled and practically shown the way to navigate business terrains with particular reference to the Nigerian market.

The programme continues with a 6-month business mentorship session with thriving entrepreneurs who will continue to provide support and lessons on how to excel in business. Xyz who spoke on behalf of the beneficiaries said: “This has been an amazing experience for us and we are grateful to Sahara Group for giving us this opportunity. We are wiser and even much more determined to pursue our dreams and excel. This is the platform Citing the entrepreneurial trajectory of Sahara Group, Mrs. Pearl Uzokwe, Director of Governance & Sustainability, closed the session by assuring the entrepreneurs that they had the potential of becoming the next big businesses. “Sahara Group was founded by three entrepreneurs 22 years ago and today the business has become a global conglomerate operating in 38 countries across Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Europe. We believe you are on the right path and Sahara Group will continue to support young entrepreneurs through the Saharahub and similar initiatives. StartUps and small businesses are critical for economic growth and development and we remain committed to providing platforms for small businesses to thrive and grow.”

Sahara Foundation Manager, Oluseyi Ojurongbe stated that the empowerment project was the first of many more platforms to support young entrepreneurs with the tools, resources, networks, and funds needed to grow their businesses. “This is the thrust of Sahara Foundation’s Extrapreneurship drive,” he added.

Bethel Obioma
Sahara Group
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National Defense ISAC Announces New Executive Director

Steve Shirley, National Defense ISAC Executive Director

National Defense ISAC

Steven D. Shirley, former Executive Director of the DoD Cyber Crime Center (DC3), is now the Executive Director of the National Defense ISAC

We are excited to have Steve lead us at the National Defense ISAC. His passion and commitment to further the security of the DIB will increase the value of NDISAC to our members.”

— Jay Weinstein, NDISAC Board of Directors Chair and L3 Technologies CISO

WASHINGTON, DC, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, UNITED STATES, December 3, 2018 / — The National Defense Information Sharing and Analysis Center™ (National Defense ISAC™ or NDISAC™) is pleased to announce the addition of Steve Shirley as the National Defense ISAC Executive Director.

“We are excited to have Steve lead us at the National Defense ISAC,” stated Jay Weinstein, NDISAC Board of Directors Chair and L3 Technologies CISO. “Steve has extensive knowledge of the defense industry. His passion and commitment to further the security of the defense industrial base will increase the value of NDISAC to our members. I am very excited to see Steve in this role and can’t wait to see our growth in 2019.”

Steve has over 30 years’ experience with security issues that affect the defense industry. As the former Executive Director of the Department of Defense (DoD) Defense Cyber Crime Center (DC3) and Vice Commander of the U.S. Air Force Office of Special Investigations, Steve will bring a unique perspective to enhance the National Defense ISAC current membership base, capabilities and services.

“I am honored and excited to have the opportunity to lead the National Defense ISAC. My past experiences have prepared me well for this role and I look forward to taking the NDISAC to the next level and making a positive difference to our members,” Shirley stated.

As the NDISAC Executive Director, Steve will work as a nonvoting member of the Board of Directors to further shape and refine the NDISAC strategic plan, and will oversee the development and implementation of information sharing mechanisms, services, working groups and partnership and collaborative engagements across the DIB, DIB suppliers, and commercial DIB interdependencies. Steve’s extensive DoD background in support of DIB cybersecurity efforts will ensure a solid NDISAC-DIB alignment and will enable the NDISAC to most effectively align with DoD and the DIB Sector Coordinating Council to best serve our members and the DIB.

In his previous role as the Executive Director of DC3, Steve oversaw a technical staff of over 500 specialists within a business and technology support directorate and six functional directorates to deliver capabilities DoD-wide. Particularly relevant to Steve’s role at NDISAC was his leadership of DC3 as DoD’s operational hub for the DoD Defense Industrial Base Cybersecurity Program, which delivered actionable threat data and analysis to 580 companies in a voluntary public-private partnership. Prior to DC3, Steve served as Vice Commander of the U.S. Air Force Office of Special Investigations with responsibilities as the chief operating officer for 3,500 personnel and 220 locations around the globe. Steve’s military career included service as a commander of counterintelligence, antiterrorism and investigative operations in the US, Europe, and Asia at all levels of the Air Force. In 2004, Steve retired from the Air Force as a colonel and was appointed to the Senior Executive Service.

Steve holds a bachelor’s degree from Michigan State University, master’s degree from Arizona State University and is also a graduate of the Squadron Officer School, the Air Command and Staff College, the Armed Forces Staff College and the Air War College.

Steve succeeds NDISAC Interim Executive Director, Carlos Kizzee, who held the role of Defense Security Information Exchange (DSIE) Executive Director for the past three years. Carlos oversaw the formation of the National Defense ISAC, its merger with the Defense Industrial Base Information Sharing and Analysis Organization (DIB-ISAO), and the transition of DSIE as the DIB cyber threat center of excellence previously under DIB-ISAO to the premier cyber threat sharing community within NDISAC. Carlos will transition to NDISAC Director of Member Development and Partnership Engagement, where he will focus on expanding NDISAC membership and partner relationships.

About National Defense ISAC
NDISAC is the national defense sector’s non-profit organization formed to enhance the security and resiliency of the defense industry and its strategic partners. NDISAC provides defense sector stakeholders a community and forum for sharing cyber and physical security threat information, best practices and mitigation strategies and is developed to serve as the Defense Industrial Base (DIB) Sector’s critical infrastructure protection operational coordination mechanism.

Formerly known as the DIB-ISAO, the NDISAC is the umbrella organization for the Defense Security Information Exchange (DSIE). NDISAC is recognized nationally within the US as the ISAC for the nation’s defense industry critical infrastructure sector, the Defense Industry Sector Coordinating Council, the US Department of Homeland Security, the FBI, and the National Council of ISACs. For more information, visit

Melinda Reinicker
National Defense ISAC
+1 202-888-2724
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Government of Ontario climate plan signals expanded use of low carbon biofuels

Advanced Biofuels Canada applauds the Government of Ontario for stronger renewable fuel requirements and new incentives to expand use of low carbon biofuels.

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA, December 3, 2018 / — On November 29th, the Government of Ontario released its Made-in-Ontario Environment Plan with specific climate action initiatives that will require increased use of renewable and low carbon fuels.

Key elements of the climate plan:

1. Renewable content (e.g. ethanol) in gasoline will increase to 15% as early as 2025 under the Greener Gasoline regulation
2. Increased use of renewable natural gas and other lower carbon fuels will be encouraged
3. Large emitters will be subject to emission performance standards
4. A Carbon Trust Fund ($350M) and Ontario Reverse Auction Fund ($50M) will provide financial assistance for emissions reduction initiatives

The plan builds on the amended Ethanol in Gasoline and Greener Diesel regulations that come into effect January 1, 2020.

“With this plan, Ontario continues to address it largest single greenhouse gas emissions source: transportation. Today’s vehicles are using lower carbon, made-in-Ontario biofuels that can reduce these emissions further to meet Ontario’s 2030 targets,” said Ian Thomson, President of Advanced Biofuels Canada. “Building on federal action on liquid fuels, the province is signaling new demand for low carbon advanced biofuels. Sustainable agricultural and forestry crops and residues can provide these biofuels, as can urban and industrial waste streams.”

Advanced biofuels can reduce GHG reductions by up to 115% below fossil fuels.

Thomson concluded, “We applaud the new initiatives to expand use of advanced biofuels in Ontario and look forward to working closely with the Province to implement the Made-in-Ontario Environment Plan measures. Incenting private sector innovation, with a welcome mat to low carbon fuel producers, will be critical to meeting the our climate goals.”

Advanced Biofuels Canada/ Biocarburants avancés Canada is the national voice for producers, distributors, and technology developers of advanced biofuels. ABFC promotes the production and use of low carbon advanced biofuels in Canada, which our members supply across North America and globally. These companies have invested in processing and supply chain operations in Ontario and are actively bringing to market the next generation of low carbon biofuels. Since 2005, ABFC has provided provincial and federal leadership on sound biofuels policies to expand clean energy options, achieve measurable climate action results, and stimulate new investments and clean growth. For information on Advanced Biofuels Canada and our members, visit:

Ian Thomson
Advanced Biofuels Canada
+1 604-947-0040
email us here
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Smart Water Systems – Innovation, Technology and Resilience, the future for Utility Companies

Smart Water Systems

New technology in Smart Water – how can it be used to its optimum and yet maintain supply and output

LONDON, LONDON, UK, November 30, 2018 / — The Utilities market is in period of transition with the introduction of smart meters, but also with new technology affecting the whole utilities market. While the technology is there for all to use the question remains how can it be used to its optimum and yet maintain supply and output? Innovation is the way forward with many industry leaders already taking to fore to drive the changes that are needed to push the market forward.

At SMi’s 8th Annual Smart Water Systems Conference, taking place in London in April 2019, Innovation is the key focus of the event and will give insight into how this can be implemented through technology and resilience giving maximum cost reduction and network optimisation.

Industry leaders who will be sharing their ideas and experiences include:

Jeremy Heath, Innovation Manager, Sutton and East Surrey Water Plc
Jan Gooijer, Innovation Manager, Vitens
Bert de Winter, Innovation Director, De Watergroep
Tertius Rust, PDOT Innovation Lead, South East Water
Sean McCarthy, Head of Leakage and Optimisation, Anglian Water
Eddie Wrigley, Innovation Facilitator, Northumbrian Water Group
Adam Smith, Innovation Programme Manager, Yorkshire Water

Other highlights include: Recent OFWAT observations on a number of water company’s future business plans and recommendations to achieve targets; strategies to ensure customer use less water: how data analytics can identify leakage detection, recent Smart Meter trials and what the challenges are for the industry as this is rolled out.

The adverse weather conditions over the past couple of years have proved to be very challenging for the water industry to say the least. The effects of the “beast from the east”, the very dry 2018 summer months and how this affected the supply of water to the consumer, will be discussed in further detail and the resulting changes that are needed to make the networks more efficient.

Smart Water Systems 2019 will take place on 29th – 30th April 2019 at the Holiday Inn Kensington Forum in London UK. Sponsored by Diehl Metering, JANZ, Kamstrup and Sensus – a xylem brand.

Further information including a full speaker line-up and detailed conference agenda are available online at

There is a £400 discount available to attend, for further details call Andrew Gibbons, project manager on +44 (0) 20 7827 6156 or email

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Pennsylvania Mesothelioma Victims Center Now Urges A Person with Mesothelioma or Asbestos Exposure Lung Cancer in Pennsylvania To Call Them for Direct Access to The Nation's Most Skilled Compensation Lawyers

We do not want one person with mesothelioma or asbestos exposure lung cancer in Pennsylvania to get shortchanged because they had no clue who to call for honest advice.”

— Pennsylvania Mesothelioma Victims Center

WASHINGTON, DC, USA, November 30, 2018 / — The Pennsylvania Mesothelioma Victims Center is urging a person with mesothelioma or asbestos exposure lung cancer to call them anytime at 800-714-0303 for direct access to some of the nation's most skilled mesothelioma or asbestos attorneys. They are appealing to a person with mesothelioma or asbestos exposure lung cancer to not fall for glitzy Internet ads that profess experience on the part of the law firm when in reality-the law firm is a brokerage firm that signs up people with mesothelioma or asbestos exposure lung cancer and sells them to other lawyers.

The group fears that people with mesothelioma or asbestos exposure lung cancer in Pennsylvania that impulse shop for lawyers on the Internet will end up being very disappointed with their compensation results. http://Pennsylvania.MesotheliomaVictimsCenter.Com

According to the group, "We do not want one person with mesothelioma or asbestos exposure lung cancer in Pennsylvania to get shortchanged because they had no clue who to call for honest advice and who has a track record of achievement when it comes to lawyers. Trust us all the glitters is not gold when it comes to lawyers advertising for people with mesothelioma or asbestos exposure lung cancer on the Internet. A good mesothelioma compensation settlement in Pennsylvania could be around a million dollars or more and an asbestos exposure lung cancer settlement could be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars even if the person smoked cigarettes.

"Before you hire a lawyer or law firm for a mesothelioma or asbestos exposure lung cancer compensation claim in Pennsylvania please call us at 800-714-0303. We will do everything possible to see to it that you are dealing directly with the nation's premier attorneys. These leading lawyers share our passion about making certain people with mesothelioma or asbestos exposure lung cancer in Pennsylvania receive the very best possible financial compensation settlement results." http://Pennsylvania.MesotheliomaVictimsCenter.Com

The Pennsylvania Mesothelioma Victims Center wants to emphasize their services for diagnosed victims of mesothelioma are available throughout the state of Pennsylvania including communities such as Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Allentown, Eire, Upper Darby, Reading, Scranton, or Bethlehem. For additional information, a diagnosed person with mesothelioma or their family members are urged to contact the Pennsylvania Mesothelioma Victims Center anytime at 800-714-0303.

For the best possible treatment options in Pennsylvania we strongly recommend the following two heath care facilities with the offer to help a diagnosed victim, or their family get to the right physicians at each hospital: Penn’s Abramson Cancer Center in Philadelphia:, or the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute:

High-risk work groups for exposure to asbestos in Pennsylvania include US Navy Veterans, power plant workers, shipyard workers, oil refinery workers, oil production workers, steel mill workers, coal miners, manufacturing workers, plumbers, electricians, auto mechanics, machinists, or construction workers. Typically, the person’s exposure to asbestos occurred in the 1950’s, 1960’s, 1970’s, or 1980’s.

The states indicated with the highest incidence of mesothelioma include Maine, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia, Michigan, Illinois, Minnesota, Louisiana, Washington, and Oregon. http://Pennsylvania.MesotheliomaVictimsCenter.Com

For more information about mesothelioma please refer to the National Institutes of Health’s web site related to this rare form of cancer:

Michael Thomas
Pennsylvania Mesothelioma Victims Center
+1 800-714-0303
email us here

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