Canadian Patent Granted for Improved Energy Forecasting and Weather Normalization

PICTON, ONTARIO, CANADA, April 14, 2021 / — Screaming Power is thrilled to announce its Canadian Patent has been granted for a new method to normalize and forecast energy use. In 2020, Screaming Power was granted a US version of this patent. Now Screaming Power is proud to have the patent in their own country. With the patent obtained in both countries, Screaming Power’s future and current projects have exciting, new possibilities. These achievements open the door for a world of new possibilities to improve our research and optimize our products for our customers.

This method was developed in collaboration with Ryerson University’s Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science. The research was supported with funding from the Government of Ontario, through the Ontario Centre of Innovation, and the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council. Patent preparation was also supported in part through advisory services and research and development funding from the National Research Council of Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC IRAP). The method was published in Energy Science & Engineering Journal in January 2019. This novel method utilizes new computational models of energy usage and then applies these models to normalize weather and forecast energy usage behaviour.

This achievement is our modern computer-implemented method of weather-normalized energy usage which has been implemented in the analysis of commercial and residential buildings. Our weather normalization innovations have been implemented in multiple use cases and due to its flexibility continues to grow.

Gary Michor, CEO of Screaming Power says, “This is exciting news for Screaming Power and the evolution of weather normalization. Our team has been well supported by the community that wants to see the energy economy grow to better support conservation and GHG reduction activities. Our team is constantly strengthening through our achievements. Weather is becoming increasingly unpredictable and with machine-learning methods we have proven to the energy community that with innovation we can manage and forecast better”

Screaming Power continues to grow in Canada with our Utility and Enterprise work to improve their understanding on energy usage, costs and GHGs.

About Screaming Power
Screaming Power is revolutionizing customer engagement by providing a mobile platform that connects the energy user, allowing for effective and secure two-way communications to educate, change behaviour and encourage sustainability. Our extensible Intellectual Property provides a low-cost, digital infrastructure for a self-sustaining Eco-System. Our Scream Utility & Scream Enterprise mobile solutions focus on reducing ‘cost-to-service’ for utilities while driving satisfaction and facilitating the delivery of innovation (e.g., connectivity to the IoTs).

About OCI
The Ontario Centre of Innovation (OCI) maximizes the commercial impact of research developed in Ontario’s colleges, universities, and research hospitals, and accelerates the commercialization of Made-in-Ontario intellectual property and technologies.

Gary Michor
Screaming Power Inc
+1 833-227-0696
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Open Letter to Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga of Japan from TeamBest Global Companies

TeamBest Global Companies logo —

TeamBest Global Companies logo —

Best Cure Foundation logo —

Best Cure Foundation —

Kitsault Energy logo —

Kitsault Energy logo —

Welcoming His Excellency Prime Minister Suga Upon His Visit to the USA for First Meeting with U.S. President Joe Biden since elected in 2020

WASHINGTON, DC, USA, April 14, 2021 / — It is an honor and privilege to welcome His Excellency Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga to the USA, expanding the many-pronged close relationship with USA after the recent QUAD (USA, Japan, Australia and India) meeting in Japan a month ago.

TeamBest Global, a Technology Group, is planning to establish one of multiple corporate campuses, on a 1500-acre parcel of land at Best Green City, Virginia, USA — two hours drive from the outskirts of Washington, DC, and 45 minutes drive from Richmond, the capital of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

These campuses will consist of TeamBest Global Companies, including Best Drug Discovery Institute, Best Cure Foundation, Best Global Healthcare Delivery System of Hub & Spoke Model with Express & Mobile Clinics linked to General & Multi-Specialty Medical Centers — using Best Cure Global Foundation's Total Health Approach of Prevention, Early Detection and Effective Treatment for Total Cure — a Proactive Healthcare System, with Full Transparency on Clinical Outcome, Benefits and Cost.

The system will consist of Best Cure Health System and Best Cure Insurance (both nonprofit), TeamBest Global, Best Medical Capital, Best Medical Real Estate Investment Trust (all three are for-Profit Public Companies), and Best Cure Clinical Institute (a non-profit) to accomplish the Global Goal of Purified Drinking Water and Affordable/Accessible Sewer Systems, and to reduce death and suffering from Cancer, Cardiac, Diabetes, and all other diseases, including infectious diseases fighting current/future pandemics, by 50% or more.

This newly formed TBG Corporate Campus will also include research and development activities for high-tech products, including medical, computer/telecom chip manufacturing, global distribution set-up for multi-billion doses of drugs and vaccines, using the most modern manufacturing and automation technologies. In addition, this Best Green City Corporate Campus will include Staff Housing, Medical, Shopping, Dining, Daycare, Education and Training facilities.

TBG Companies , including Kitsault Energy and Best Cure Foundation, would welcome active participation by the Government and Private Enterprises of Japan in meeting the Healthcare and Alternative Energy Challenges facing Japan today and in the future .

We look forward to hearing from your representatives — have a fantastic and productive visit with USA President Joe Biden and his team!

To read about the New 1500-Acre TeamBest Global Corporate Campus in Best Green City, Virginia, USA, please visit the link below:

For more information about Krishnan Suthanthiran, please visit his bio page at

For more information about TeamBest Global Companies, Best Cure Foundation, Kitsault and Kitsault Energy, please visit:

Krishnan Suthanthiran • President & Founder
TeamBest Global • Best Cure Foundation • Kitsault Energy
+1 703-451-2378
email us here

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Ironclad Performance Wear Expands PPE Line with Launch of Two New Head Protection Series

The rugged Yukon™ EF400

The rugged Yukon™ EF400

The rugged Yukon™ EF400

The rugged Yukon™ EF400

The rugged Yukon™ CS400

The rugged Yukon™ CS400

Ironclad, the leader in high-performance hand safety, is expanding into new PPE with the Yukon™ Series hard hats and the Rainier™ Series bump caps.

DALLAS, TX, USA, April 14, 2021 / — Ironclad Performance Wear, the leader in high-performance hand safety, announced today that they are expanding into new Personal Protective Equipment with the launch of two new series of head protection – the Yukon™ Series hard hats and the Rainier™ Series bump caps.

Ironclad revolutionized the hand protection industry in 1998, when they launched high performance, task-specific work gloves with the fit, comfort and dexterity of sport gloves. Working on a construction site, Ironclad’s founder realized the need for comfortable, durable, quality hand protection. Ironclad has been bringing new technologies, materials and protection innovations to harsh working environments ever since. By expanding into additional PPE categories, Ironclad will be able to provide its customers with all of their protective needs from one trusted source.

General Manager, Eric Jaeger, says “Ironclad has always focused on providing superior protection to the industrial athlete – through innovation, quality, comfort and durability. It’s exciting to expand beyond hand protection, and to bring Ironclad-level quality, comfort and durability to head protection – made right here in America.”

Both the Yukon and Rainier Series are Made in the USA to the highest engineering standards in the head protection industry. Designed for premium comfort, fit and protection, everything you have come to expect from Ironclad safety gear.

The Yukon Series includes Type I C, E & G hard hats, with cap style and full brim options. The Rainier Series consists of two bump cap styles: the BC40, with a short brim and 4-point suspension, and the BCX, with a cushioned, plastic insert nested inside a stealthy Ironclad baseball cap for a more casual look.

Now Ironclad offers hand and head protection to keep safety top of mind. Each hard hat, as well as the short brim bump cap, comes with a customizable Ironclad sticker pack.

Learn more at:

Nikki Gillette
Ironclad Performance Wear
+1 972-996-5664 ext. 211
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ReSoil: The Premier, Zero-Landfill Destination for Organic Waste

compost, organic waste, landfill-free, zero landfill, recycling

Through ReSoil, Green Energy Biofuel’s recently acquired composting facility, the company can offer landfill-free disposal options for organic waste from large, corporate generators.

compost, organic waste, landfill-free, zero landfill, recycling

In 12 months, Green Energy Biofuel will invest nearly $2 million in its new composting business, ReSoil, including equipment.

biodiesel, biojoe, grease, UCO, used cooking oil, recycling, South Carolina

BioJoe Renwick

Green Energy Biofuel recently purchased a composting site in Kershaw County, South Carolina, where its significant investments are optimizing operations.

Through our internal efforts to be a landfill-free company, we developed our business in such a way that now, not only are we landfill-free, but we can help other companies be the same.”

— BioJoe Renwick, Co-founder, Green Energy Biofuel

WINNSBORO, SOUTH CAROLINA, USA, April 14, 2021 / — South Carolina-based recycling firm Green Energy Biofuel recently acquired ReSoil, a composting facility in Kershaw County, one of the latest moves the growing company has made in over a decade to increase its services and open new opportunities for industrial processors near and far. GEB is making significant investments in its new composting business to help large waste generators in the region find a landfill-free option for disposal of difficult organic waste to meet regulatory and corporate demands as well as evolving consumer expectations.

“We’ve invested $160,000 in ReSoil before we even closed on the purchase—and we’re not done,” says BioJoe Renwick, GEB co-founder. “In 12 months, we’ll have put nearly $2 million into the composting business.”

GEB has spent four months in site preparation, making ReSoil a more efficient, resourceful facility to serve its existing customers and potential clients. Over a half-million pounds of recycled concrete, rock and grading clay sand was brought on site to modify the yard for operational improvements. GEB also poured over 100 yards of concrete, created eight bulk storage bays and a rainwater-capture system to hydrate the almost 800 cubic yards of compost it can produce every month. “This was a big project,” Renwick says.

The facility’s process flow has been modified to optimize efficiency. “We haven’t changed the composting process, just how the business is run and how compost moves through the facility to create efficiency,” Renwick explains.

The site features six 80-yard bays, each with a forced-air delivery system to pump fresh air into the compost, which increases the temperature and rate of decomposition. The parameters are maintained by electrical controllers and timers to achieve and maintain temperatures required for the process. Temperature is monitored regularly for it to be high enough to kill pathogens but low enough to not spontaneously combust.

Composting may seem like a simple process to the layman, but obtaining and maintaining permits takes research, training and sophistication. “We have a master composter who runs our site,” Renwick says. ReSoil’s compost is “Certified SC,” part of the Certified South Carolina Program, and has the U.S. Composting Council’s Seal of Testing Assurance (STA).

When organic waste is received, it is mixed with wood chips, which serve as a bulking agent, from one of two sources. Pure oak chips come from Pro Pallet South, a refurbished pallet manufacturer in Winnsboro, whose broken pallets are chipped and find new life in GEB’s engineered soil. Also, once a year the Kershaw County landfill grinds yard debris from the surrounding area, where GEB sources composting chips as well. In addition, clay sand from Kershaw Mining next door and vermiculite from Woodruff-based Palmetto Vermiculite are added in various recipe proportions to make five different engineered soils. Due to this local sourcing of material, ReSoil product has achieved the Certified SC label. The whole process—from waste in to screened, engineered soil out—takes 45 days.

While the high-quality compost material—sold in bulk up to 30 yards per tractor-trailer load for landscaping companies or delivered by GEB to individuals in eight-yard increments—is a sought-after remedy for nutrient-depleted lawns and gardens, the real benefit to the region of such a facility is its ability to receive industrial volumes of difficult organic waste streams from a variety of businesses.

Many corporations now track and publicize their carbon emissions. Landfilling organic waste generates methane, a powerful greenhouse gas. GEB’s ability to provide landfill-free disposal options to companies, whether they process food, agricultural products or other organic ingredients, can help mitigate carbon emissions while providing positive talking points for consumers, who are becoming increasingly conscious about the businesses they patronize and products they purchase.

Acquiring and optimizing ReSoil is just one of many evolutionary progressions GEB has made along its 14-year waste-recycling journey. In the late 2000s, it began as Midlands Biofuels, a collector and processor of used cooking oil (UCO), making biodiesel fuel at its plant in Winnsboro. As its collection accounts and abilities grew, GEB expanded into Tennessee and then closer to home in Aiken County, South Carolina, where it purchased a large-scale, idled manufacturing facility. GEB repurposed and invested heavily into the site to process and recycle 200,000 gallons per day of liquid organic waste—everything from UCO and trap grease from restaurants and large-scale food manufacturers to wastewater streams and sludge, with its recently obtained wastewater processing permit. With ReSoil, the company now has a beneficial outlet for organic solids too.

“Through our internal efforts to be a landfill-free company, we developed our business in such a way that now, not only are we landfill-free, but we can help other companies be the same,” Renwick says.

GEB is in the process of opening up even more doors to the recycling world. While it recently added line-jetting and tank-cleaning services for its industrial clients, the company has its sights set on a half-million-dollar investment in de-packaging equipment. This will allow GEB to further broaden the pool of waste it can accept, including new volumes of fats, oils and greases from single-use packages and bottles of salad dressing, condiments and more. In addition, this will add a valuable, environmentally friendly service to large food processors and preparers while also providing necessary streams to ReSoil from discarded, prepackaged food. Lastly, the plastic waste from the de-packaging unit will be recovered and provided to local businesses, such as South Carolina-based Trex®, for reuse in plastic decking and other innovative products. “We have already started recovering these waste streams for Trex®,” Renwick says.

It would cost millions of dollars for another company to put together a process like GEB’s to handle the waste it does. “Through our years of chipping away at the waste market we’re in, we have the opportunity to do what we’re doing now,” Renwick says. “We just love helping others and find great value in what we do for them, and for the great state of South Carolina.”

BioJoe Renwick
Green Energy Biofuel
+1 803-718-6323
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Edison Energy launches new Electric Transportation Practice to further support the clean energy transition

New practice will serve growing market of Fortune 500 companies to public agencies navigating the complexities of fleet electrification

Vehicle fleets will play a critical role in decarbonization, as transportation accounts for 28% of greenhouse gas emissions throughout the U.S.”

— Meghan Weinman, Director, Transportation Electrification at Edison Energy

NEWPORT BEACH, CA, USA, April 14, 2021 / — With commercial fleets announcing plans for a massive shift to electric vehicles (EVs), Edison Energy has launched a new Electric Transportation Practice that will operate cross-functionally, serving Edison’s core offerings across Sustainability and Energy Optimization while supporting all aspects of fleet electrification, from early-stage feasibility, fleet assessment, electric vehicle charger design and construction, and optimizing energy.

Meghan Weinman, who previously led transportation electrification strategy at Puget Sound Energy, will spearhead the new practice. Fleet electrification presents a largely untapped opportunity for the energy transition. In addition to these new offerings, Weinman will also be working closely with Bill Kenworthy, new VP of Energy Optimization, and Emily Williams, VP of Strategy and Sustainability, to integrate and expand the EV offering and further support clients' development and implementation of holistic decarbonization and net-zero strategies.

“Vehicle fleets will play a critical role in decarbonization, as transportation accounts for 28% of greenhouse gas emissions throughout the U.S.,” said Weinman. “Transitioning to electric vehicles provides a pathway towards significantly reducing carbon. With the right plans and energy expertise, fleets that electrify not only find that day-to-day operations are feasible, but also enjoy significant cost savings.”

“Our Energy Optimization practice meets clients where they are, from co-creating business plans to full implementation,” added Kenworthy. “We are proud to support our clients’ drive to sustainability; and will be with them through every step and every mile along the way.”

Edison Energy’s clients looking to electrify fleets include:

*Commercial and industrial customers who may have corporate sustainability goals while also gaining total-cost-of-ownership savings from EV fleet conversion savings. These fleets can be complex and dispersed across geographies, Edison Energy helps clients make strategic decisions on where to electrify first and plan for charging infrastructure.
*Real estate owners looking to develop properties and attract tenants are installing charging stations as an on-site amenity, Edison Energy helps clients find utility incentives and streamline installation processes.
*Municipal customers, who have aggressive sustainability goals, but may be fiscally sensitive to a large upfront capital investment in transportation electrification. Edison Energy works with these clients to align capital investments with fiscal planning.
*Transit agencies and school districts typically have an electrification goal centered around Zero-Emissions Vehicles and EV fleet conversion savings. Edison Energy explores vehicle incentives and rebates that can aid in their conversion to electric.

“As EV costs come down, there will be more choices and increasing corporate commitments to carbon reductions and sustainability goals that will accelerate fleet electrification, “ said Emily Williams, VP of Strategy and Sustainability. “The bottom line is that there’s no one size fits all approach to net-zero emissions, but we remain committed to supporting our clients with fleet electrification as part of a holistic decarbonization strategy.”

Edison Energy has advised global companies, universities, and cities on more than 6.7 gigawatts of renewable energy projects across North America and Europe, including the adoption of EVs and charging infrastructure, and the necessary financing and contracting.


About Edison Energy

A wholly owned subsidiary of Edison International (NYSE: EIX), Edison Energy provides independent, expert advice and solutions to help large corporate, industrial, and institutional clients better understand and navigate the choices and risks of managing energy. We enable decision-makers in organizations to deliver on their strategic, financial and sustainability goals by addressing the three biggest challenges in energy today: cost, carbon, and complex choices. We deliver and implement specialized solutions across analytics, renewables, sustainability, supply, and demand to align our client’s energy investments with their strategic goals. For more information, visit

Lauren Glickman
RenewComm LLC
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METISS submarine fibre cable now operational in Mauritius after landing in Emtel data centre

Kresh Goomany, CEO of Emtel, the organisation that connects Mauritius to the world via METISS

Kresh Goomany, CEO of Emtel, the organisation that connects Mauritius to the world via METISS

Emtel provides global telecoms, multinationals, and enterprises with reliable telecommunications services and capacities to empower digital enterprise

PORT LOUIS, MAURITIUS, April 14, 2021 / — Emtel, a leading Telecom Network Operator in Mauritius, has provided the only landing point for the METISS (Meltingpot Indianoceanic Submarine System) fibre optic cable in the country.

The 3,200 km cable connects Reunion Island, Madagascar and South Africa to Emtel’s ANSI/TIA tier 3 certified data centre in Arsenal, near Port-Louis, the country’s capital.

“METISS is already connected to many global public cloud services, application providers and African exchanges with fully redundant backhaul in Mauritius and South Africa,” says Kresh Goomany, CEO of Emtel. “It provides global telecoms organisations, multinationals and enterprises with interests in connected regions, with the reliable services and capacities they need for telecommunications that empower digital enterprises. The whole offer comes with a world-class quality of service (QoS) at very affordable prices.”

The METISS submarine cable offers high-capacity throughput and further connectivity to many African countries via Emtel and its partners. It enables organisations to benefit from colocation, private links, enterprise-grade Internet connectivity, with remote peering to content and cloud providers and peering agreements.

Mauritius is ideally situated to provide regional telecoms solutions to carriers, enterprises and corporates with its political stability and reliable electrical grid supply. Combined with Emtel’s 24/7 enterprise support, advanced technology implementations, and innovative solutions, these are among the many reasons Emtel’s Data Centre has maintained a 100% uptime and availability record in delivering collocated services for the last nine years.

METISS connects Mauritius with Africa and the world via Emtel’s own points of presence (PoP) in Johannesburg and Durban, in South Africa. It provides new low latency routes for over-the-top (OTT) service providers. Latencies are just 35ms from Arsenal to Durban, along South Africa’s east coast, and just 45ms to Johannesburg, which is in South Africa’s interior. The South Africa PoPs augment PoPs that are already in Mombasa, London, Paris and Singapore. Thanks to its partnerships, Emtel enables its customers to connect to around 160 PoPs worldwide.

METISS interconnects with large data centres in South Africa that act as a hub to the rest of the world and host global cloud service providers, such as AWS and Azure.

“With the interconnectivity, peering and exchange benefits it provides, METISS gives Mauritians faster and more reliable access to digital resources and provides a platform to develop the country’s next-generation services and applications,” says Kresh.

METISS offers much greater throughput in relation to the other older cables with lower capacities that Mauritians previously relied on. It paves the way for a new generation of applications and services to be delivered to end users via technologies such as 5G.

“The METISS consortium, of which Emtel is a member, overcame the difficulties associated with Covid-19 and lockdown to successfully install the cable in all four territories,” says Kresh. “We are proud to make this advanced solution available to our country. Emtel has always aspired to revolutionise digital services for Mauritians, which is why we pioneered services such as Unlimited Internet Data, Calls and SMS to democratise access. METISS is part of our promise to bring Mauritians products that provide more freedom and satisfaction, and in so doing, continue to enhance their lives.”

About Emtel
29th May 1989 – Emtel Ltd became the first mobile telephony operator in the Southern Hemisphere. This major step in Mauritian telecommunications history took place under the aegis of The Currimjee Jeewanjee Group, one of the leading groups in Mauritius. From a mobile company, Emtel has evolved into a one-stop-shop for all telecommunications needs, offering a wide range of products and services for individuals, enterprises and homes.

About Emtel Data Centre
The Emtel Data Centre is the First TIA-942 Rated 3 Facilities Certification in Mauritius. It is a state-of-the-art infrastructure that has been built to house not only Emtel’s Telco-grade equipment but also to provide world-class data centre infrastructure facilities to enterprises that require high-quality data centre services.

Emtel provides colocation services with the required safety and reliability, benchmarked to international standards. The data centre is in a strategic location having diverse access routes, in a flood-free region and ideally placed far from all busy commercial and business zones. The location has also been carefully chosen to allow for customers having their Disaster Recovery site at a safe distance from their main business in high residential and/or corporate locations. Connectivity to the data centre is assured by Emtel fibre backbone both locally and internationally on METISS, SAFE and LION/LION2 submarine cables. The Emtel Data Centre is carrier-neutral and allows for any service provider to connect to the transmission room. Both local and international customers have entrusted the hosting of their business-critical data to Emtel.

For more details, please visit us on

Loic Noret
+230 5729 5400
Visit us on social media:

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Black Lake Capital announces merger with SCApath LLC and Spinnaker SCS LLC

Logo of Spinnaker SCA

Logo of Spinnaker SCA

Logo of Black Lake Capital

Logo of Black Lake Capital

DENVER , CO, UNITED STATES, April 14, 2021 / — Black Lake Capital announces investment, alongside Source Capital, in SCApath LLC and Spinnaker SCS LLC to support the merger of their supply chain consulting organizations.

Spinnaker, focused on Supply Chain Strategy and Planning and SCApath, focused on Supply Chain Execution and Omnichannel Fulfillment, provide a complementary set of services that, when combined, will allow customers to address a broader set of supply chain challenges and opportunities. The new company, to be known as Spinnaker SCA, will be based in Boulder, CO, and will feature all members of the SCApath and Spinnaker leadership teams as well as combine the full consulting and technology organizations of each firm.

"We were impressed by Black Lake’s understanding of our business and the technology required to support our customers’ supply chains," says Evan McCaig, Chief Executive Officer of Spinnaker SCA. "Our now combined 50 years of expertise includes supply chain design and strategy, planning, omnichannel, distribution and logistics management, and change management. We have seen dramatic shifts over the last decade in the supply chain industry – and particularly in 2020 – that signal we are now front and center in driving growth, resilience, and measurable value for our client organizations."

"Black Lake values our expertise and vision for combining the two organizations," said John Sharkey, Chief Operating Officer of Spinnaker SCA. "Black Lake provides capital for growth and strategic guidance while allowing our management team to continue to deliver the outstanding services our clients expect. The combination of Spinnaker and SCApath brings together two organizations with similar business and IT leadership clientele as well as similar philosophies for how we work to make our customers successful – but different and complementary areas of supply chain expertise. The combination provides an exciting opportunity to do much more to help our customers as well as grow the combined organization."

"We are excited about the potential of the combined SCApath and Spinnaker organizations. The two businesses bring together market-leading expertise in supply chain design, execution, and technology," said Black Lake’s Managing Partner, Chad Scripps. "We look forward to supporting management as they bring on additional talented team members, new customer relationships, and further services for their existing clients."

About SCApath LLC
SCApath is a leading consulting firm that specializes in identifying, designing, and implementing supply chain solutions that enable omnichannel commerce. We are experts in the primary supply chain applications including OMS, WMS, and TMS required to deliver the omnichannel customer experience. Our consulting services include capabilities assessment, strategic planning, operations improvement, and systems design and implementation. Our success comes from over three decades of partnering with customers to balance growth and service level with operating efficiency, working capital, and long-term investment. SCA has over 300 implementations of leading supply chain technologies (including Manhattan Associates, Blue Yonder, High Jump, IBM, and others) to solve global supply chain challenges. To learn more visit or call or 855-457-8286.

About Spinnaker
Spinnaker is a supply chain consulting services firm that helps clients grow, manage risk, reduce costs, and improve customer service by developing world-class supply chain capabilities. Our services help clients develop the right supply chain strategy for their business challenges and implement organizational capabilities, business processes, and technology solutions to improve Supply Chain Strategy and Demand/Supply Planning capabilities. To learn more, please visit or call 877-476-0576. For strategic supply chain staffing services, visit to learn more about our sister company, Pros2Plan.

About Black Lake Capital, LLC
Black Lake Capital is a private investment firm partnering with technology and innovation-enabled businesses generating $2-12M in annual cash flow. From 100% buyouts to equity recapitalizations with the majority or substantial minority positions, Black Lake has the flexibility to meet the needs of growing businesses and has completed ten transactions since its founding in 2013. Please visit the firm’s website,, for more information.

About Source Capital
Source Capital is a private investment firm focused on providing flexible equity and debt capital to lower middle-market companies across a range of industries. Source Capital’s investment strategy targets growing companies with greater than $2 million in EBITDA seeking a growth-oriented partner. Since its founding in 2002, Source Capital has made 23 equity platform investments, 42 add-on acquisitions, and 31 debt investments through three separate credit funds.

Jessica Bush
Brand Iron
+1 605-295-0894
email us here

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Covid-Security Concerns Grow as Brits Get Ready to Return to the Office

return to the office safely

More than 50% of Workers Are Afraid to Return to The Office: How to Help Them Feel Safer

track occupancy for smart cleaning

Proximity sensor on bathroom door tracks bathroom occupancy

understand occupancy and have efficiency

Temperature sensors stuck underneath desks give a full overview of office occupancy

feedback from occupants is critical

Touch buttons can be part of a feedback panel, allowing employees to request assistance and validate cleaning efforts.

Make the occupants feel safe and secure

A large concern for employees and the companies they work for is also the privacy and security of the data itself

However, 65.6% of workers would be happy to have smart sensors in the office to enhance Covid-security

These data insights enable actions that can help keep the buildings running more efficiently as well as enhancing their safety as people return to work”

— Cesar Jeri, Head of Innovation and Workplace Technology, Verizon.

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, April 14, 2021 / — As the UK prepares for the post-lockdown return to the office, IoT company and developer of the world’s smallest wireless sensors, Disruptive Technologies, has released new data showing that although the desire to return to work has increased for a third of the population more than half of the workers are still concerned about Covid-security in the workplace. In fact, 19% of those surveyed, admitted to being ‘very concerned’ about this issue. This figure has been supported by Infogrid’s 2021 Healthy Buildings Report, which also shows that health risks are the greatest concern for returning workers.

Internet of Things (IoT) enabled smart monitoring provides a number of potential solutions for the creation of Covid-secure workspaces. From occupancy monitoring to automated cleaning routine checking and ventilation management, but how willing are employees to accept this technology into their workplaces?

According to the research conducted by Disruptive Technologies, only 49.5% of people are familiar with workplace sensor technology that monitors the environment.

Once informed about the potential uses of smart monitoring for Covid-security in the workplace, 65.6% said that they would be comfortable with the tech being introduced to their place of work and 74.8% said that they would have no concerns about the application of workplace sensors. However, more than half (60%) of all respondents said that if the tech was adopted within their workplace, they would want their employer to notify them about the sensors and give them an option to provide feedback.

Bengt Lundberg, CEO of Disruptive Technologies, comments: ‘Remote working has numerous pluses, but for many businesses, it can’t provide a permanent working model. In the next few months, at least some of the workforce will be returning to the office, and that is a point of significant concern for both employers and employees. We can’t return to the previous model, which often saw employees working cheek by jowl.

‘Remote monitoring can help businesses find the best use of space without disregarding Covid legislation or putting employees at risk. For example, with smart cleaning, you can ensure that adequate hygiene measures are not only in place but being observed – and provide an audit trail to support the work. It can also allow for the seamless management of the office environment, ensuring that temperatures are comfortable without unnecessary energy consumption, and adequate ventilation is provided.

‘These smart and sustainable practices are a great way of instilling confidence in the returning workforce, without undue expense. Many employers have already adopted this technology and I believe that it will soon become the norm.’

Cesar Jeri, Head of Innovation and Workplace Technology at Verizon comments: ‘It's not surprising more businesses are looking at IoT sensors as a scalable alternative for both buildings with and without pre-existing building management systems. For those that have it, it can significantly augment existing capabilities beyond traditional monitoring. For those that don’t, it unearths its previously hidden data layer in real-time. These data insights enable actions that can help keep the buildings running more efficiently as well as enhancing their safety as people return to work.’

About Disruptive Technologies: Founded in 2013, Disruptive Technologies (DT) is the Norwegian developer of the world’s smallest wireless sensors and an award-winning innovator in the IoT market. Our small, efficient, powerful, and adaptable wireless sensors are the best in the world and designed to reach an ever greater number of operational components, making buildings intelligent and sustainable, in minutes.

*Over half of UK workers are ‘concerned’ about Covid-security and cleanliness on returning to work
*The desire to return to work has increased for a third of the population
*65.6% of workers would be happy to have smart sensors in the office to enhance Covid-security
*74.8% said that they would have no concerns about the application of workplace sensors

**Notes for Editor: Disruptive Technologies Survey was carried out using Google Consumer Surveys during March 2021 with more than 1000 respondents.

Pippa Boothman
Disruptive Technologies
+47 405 50 789
email us here
Visit us on social media:

Healthy, safe, efficient and sustainable buildings

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Mikhail Fedorov

Mikhail Federov is the first Russian to be awarded the prestigious Certificate in Risk Governance, setting an example for others to follow.

We are pleased to award this distinction to Mikhail, someone I know from experience to be highly committed to promoting the best risk management and risk governance practices in Russia.”

— David R. Koenig, President and CEO of The DCRO Institute

COLUMBUS, UNITED STATES, April 13, 2021 / — The DCRO Institute, a global non-profit focused on the advanced development of current and prospective board members, announced today the award of the prestigious Certificate in Risk Governance to Mikhail Fedorov of St. Petersburg, Russia.

The Certificate in Risk Governance is awarded to those who have completed an intensive 17-course education program and evaluation. The curriculum is designed for current and aspiring board members who seek to advance the governance of risk-taking at their organizations, as well as those who interact with boards. It is taught by some of the world’s leading figures in risk governance. The program features lessons by nearly 50 board members, c-level executives, and well-known authors from five continents.

“We are pleased to award this distinction to Mikhail, someone I know from experience to be highly committed to promoting the best risk management and risk governance practices in Russia,” said David R. Koenig, President and CEO of The DCRO Institute. “Even as a skilled and experienced risk professional, completion of this program enhances his ability to serve boards in their risk governance duties,” he continued.

“This is a great course,” said Mr. Fedorov. “If you are a seasoned risk professional, the course can broaden your horizons by providing a concise understanding of trends and issues boards are facing in intelligent risk-taking at their organizations,” he continued.

The Certificate in Risk Governance program, also known as The Board Members’ Course on Risk™, is unique. No course on risk for board members as robust as this – depth, practicality, and global expertise – exists anywhere else. The fundamental Duty of Care for directors around risk is to ensure that our organizations are taking risk well in pursuit of our goals and ambitions. This course furthers the fulfillment of that duty. Information about the Certificate in Risk Governance program is available for download.

About the DCRO Institute – The DCRO Institute teaches current and aspiring board members to govern their organization’s risk-taking, so they are more likely to achieve their goals. Our goal, which is emblazoned on our logo, is to help organizations Innovate, Sustain, and Create Value. Visit to learn more.

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About The Board Members’ Course on Risk and the Certificate in Risk Governance

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CIMBAR Performance Minerals Adds New Barite Operation in Corpus Christi, Texas

The Plant was formally owned by Baker Hughes and will produce drilling-grade barite.

CHATSWORTH, GA, US, April 13, 2021 / — CIMBAR Performance Minerals Adds New Barite Operation in Corpus Christi, Texas.

CIMBAR Performance Minerals, a leading supplier of barium sulfate, talc, alumina trihydrate (ATH), magnesium hydroxide and post-consumer mineral-based fillers is ramping up production at an additional site in Corpus Christi, Texas (Nueces County). The site was formally owned by Baker Hughes and will produce drilling-grade barite.

The addition of the CIMBAR Corpus Christi barite operation expands the footprint to supply our oil and gas customers in all the land drilling regions in the United States. The plant is conveniently located off I-37 and Hwy 44 near large concentrations of the oil and gas industry with rail and truck access. CIMBAR Corpus Christi is in full operation to service our oil and gas customers in South and West Texas.

CIMBAR and its predecessor companies were established in 1914 and is recognized globally as a critical minerals supplier. CIMBAR produces industrial minerals at twelve production sites in the US, with 3 additional production sites in Mexico, China, and Pakistan.

For more information, contact Whitney Noonan, CIMBAR Performance Minerals Business Development at

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About CIMBAR Performance Minerals
CIMBAR Performance Minerals is a global leader in the delivery of performance mineral solutions across multiple industries specializing in barium sulfate, talc, alumina trihydrate (ATH) and post- consumer recycled mineral-based fillers. Headquartered in Chatsworth, GA USA. CIMBAR operates twelve (12) plants in the US with global operations in Mexico, China, and Pakistan.

Whitney Noonan
CIMBAR Performance Minerals
+1 706-695-3899 x1016

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